The Craft Room 16th July 2016 – Playing with the Groovi Pricking border plates

I think we can say that there is definitely a Groovi addiction in Scarborough and its spreading lol.

Last week We had the lovely Susan Moran (a Clarity DT member and an experienced parcher) here in Scarborough to teach us parchment novices a thing or two and this she certainly did.

Our motley crew consisted of 4 complete beginners (although 3 had all the kit, and I mean all, still in original packaging) and 9 novices who, although we have been using the Groovi System for a few months now, had not really done any “proper” parchment craft.

Susan had her work cut out, lol, especially when we saw what see had in mind for us to do, we all said no way and a couple mentioned about going home, But Susan is a brilliant teacher and by the end of the day (and it was a long one) we had all completed or very nearly had completed the project she had set. We were all amazed that we had managed to do it and all credit to Susan that we had.

Here is a few of the finished pieces, 2 of these were complete beginners, though you cannot tell

Melanie's fan Lisa P fan





Susan's fan 20160710_133257-1







Julie C's fan








It was a Fabulously long day that everyone enjoyed immensely, in fact I had such good feedback and as Susan had enjoyed it too we are doing it all again on the 17th September only this time with a xmas theme, can’t wait.


So following in the wake of wake of Susan’s workshop (follow that lol) was Maria  Simms on Hochanda  TV Channel showcasing the new Groovi pricking border plates ( shhh I have had mine for a couple of weeks now).


I ordered in a couple of sets for group and as they arrived on Friday, decided to slip in extra Groovi session this Saturday so the group could get to play while what they had learnt at last week’s workshop was still fresh ( or may that was wishful thinking)

Just after I received my set Tina Cox put up a blog post with a step by step showing a card she had designed using the pricking border plates.

Tina cox design

I loved this, so buoyed up with new found confidence after Susan’s workshop I gave it a go, then after learning from one’s mistakes I had another go

20160713_185346-1and quickly realised that these border grids (which were designed by Tina too, very clever lady) were going to get used a lot, so many possibilities for pricking, embossing and cutting.

Working on this gave me the idea for our Saturday session


To just play…. use the grids and make patterns, It kept them quiet all afternoon lol apart from the odd mutterings under the breath and I was able to play too

My first thoughts were that we could keep these for reference, to refer to for inspiration when we wanted a border etc but then as I continued with my piece of parchment and started adding some cutting work into it I thought it would make a lovely card along with another practice piece I had been working on with the step by step from last month’s Groovi club.

my groovi work

I think the rest of the group were pretty impressed with the plates too as the 2 sets I had bought in were purchased and another set ordered, I should be a sales rep lol.

It is just a case of getting whatever plates you have and playing with them and learning from those more experienced, look on you tube, check out blog posts, (the link is above to Tina’s blog) use Facebook to find groups to join and learn from

but most importantly enjoy it xxx



  1. Lisa

    Excellent blog post xx

  2. Wow; so much detailed work involved. Gorgeous!

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