The Craft Room 17th April 2016 – playing with Clarity’s Groovi Grids

Oops, has it really been a month since my last post?  If I remember rightly Easter was in there somewhere lol and now its time for our Groovi® session again.

We are a week late (normally the 2nd Saturday of the month) this time due too “having” to attend Sam Crowe’s first Clarity Mixed Media workshop last Saturday, which was brilliant by the way Sam xx


Going back to my last Groovi post, we had all just received our Groovi grids

Groovi Grids Piercing Plates & Piercing Tools


so I had set the group a little homework to “get to know” their Groovi grids based on the samples Barabara Gray had shown on Hochanda TV and which she also posted on her blog.

Barbara had used the Tags border plate for her outlines but as not many of the group had that plate I suggested just using the nested squares or circles to do something similar


Setting homework has not changed, even though they had a week extension, only one of the group brought her homework in and the rest gave me their excuses lol.

Straight to the top of the class goes Diane with her own take on the homework theme, stunning work

20160416_153454 20160416_153515

Not quite shapes and patterns but there is definitely a circle and use of the grids so an A* for effort and initiative – notice one of the baby wren grids used at the bottom for texture?

Lets try again, using the nested shapes make some kind of interlinked shape/grid that gives you areas to infill using the grids – can also use other plates to add further interest and words etc


I wanted to practice using the scissors to make the little +’s and the picot edging so I made a grid using the hexagon plate (you need to concentrate when doing this – no distractions lol, took me 2 attempts) and in filled all the hexagons using the square pricking grid. by the time I finish this I am hoping I will have got the hang of it.

To give the group some more inspiration and showed a couple more pieces I had started and which I managed to finish colouring during the afternoon as once they started on their own projects peace descended with the only sound being that of the embossing tools being drawn across the grids.

20160416_165450 20160416_165415Love using the grid to in fill the background.

What a lovely relaxing, chilled out afternoon I had just colouring in while the rest of the ladies concentrated on their projects,  just the odd little utterance now and then to beak the silence, when something did not go quite right

Here is some of their work in progress that I managed to get my hands and camera on


This is Margery’s (also my mum and 76 years old) who wanted to have a go at the pricking and cutting work. A bit more practice maybe on the +s but managed the picot edging all the way round and all done in the afternoon session. I was impressed as I am struggling to see the prick holes lol.


Lovely neat work from Amanda who had not seen the pricking plates until today. I think they have just gone to the top of her wish (need to get) list


I think Jackie is just in love with these poppy plates as they seem to appear on all her projects lol. They are lovely though as is her work love the shading too.

All the ladies in the group have really taken to parchment craft thanks to Clarity’s Groovi System (in fact I think they are addicted)  and are loving the journey of learning this craft. If you have not seen this before and are interested in learning more please head over to the Clarity Stamp Web Site where you will find more information/tutorials etc to start you on your way.


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