The Craft Room 19th March 2016 = Parchment Coasters

Not only is our Groovi® parchment session a week late ( due to the Great Northern Craft Extravaganza being at York last Saturday) but I am a day late with my blog post too as I was enjoying one of my Christmas presents yesterday – learning how to make a leaded stained glass plaque at the Stained Glass Centre in Cayton (near Scarborough UK) fabulous day learned loads and now want to stain glass all my windows lol. Val Green is an amazing tutor and a lovely lady.

But back to the craft room and the ladies, although loving the journey learning to parchment craft with Clarity Stamps Groovi system keep asking “what else can we do it besides making cards? so apart from the wine glass shades I showed them how to make before Christmas, what else can we do? a couple of easy answers are to use the clear perspex coasters and key ring fobs that you can pick up quite cheap  on ebay.

20160318_170801The coasters can be colour co-ordinated to match your decor and make lovely gifts, can be personalised with names, initials, special occasions etc. The key fobs look great with your initials on on side and a lovely mini parchment picture on the other. Irene brought one with her that she had done for a friend as a little gift and it looked lovely. I wished I had taken a photo.

For our session I  bought a batch of  90x90mm inset size NL  coasters. The actual coaster  size is 100mm it is  the recess size that is 90mm.

This size works perfectly with the nested squares Groovi plate as one of the squares is exactly 90mm too.


We cut an A4 parchment sheet  into 3 equal pieces approx 9.75cm wide. Each piece just fits 2  x 9cm squares on it so you can get 6 coaster squares from one sheet of parchment paper. Tape  the parchment onto the nested squares plate and  count out to  the ninth line from the middle (or the fifth line in from the outside) This is your 9cm square line. Embossing around this line will give you  your outside edge.

Now you can fill in whatever way you want.

If you want a main image with a frame remember to emboss your main images first


Then add the frames20160319_125448

remembering to only emboss up to the image.

Then infill with patterns etc, a little white work and colouring in


And yes you can even play with the pricking plates too lol. (have so been waiting for these)

If you have some favourite stamps you could also stamp your main image – To stamp onto the front of the parchment you need to use a permanent ink (ie Archival). Ranger have an Archival Brilliant white pigment ink pad which works really well too. Remember you will need to leave to dry for at least an hour or more.


Lets see how the ladies are getting on


Diane is playing with several different plates. Love the idea of using the wheat as part of the frame

20160319_165810Irene has found the textures plate rather useful for filling in. loving the Hessian effect background on the right

20160319_165246Its definitely a poppy theme for Jackie aren’t these gorgeous

and I could have sworn I had taken photos of Lisa’s work too, she was using the musical plates, and were  looking really good. Sorry Lisa I will get them  for next time x


The group are all now ready for the next step of the Groovi journey which is the pricking plates. Barbara Gray did a really good tutorial and step by step on her blog to introduce the Groovi pricking plates and some of the  different ways to use them. So as it is Easter next weekend and no craft room session I have set a little homework – play with the pricking plates and practice making different patterns using the pricking and embossing tools – now if they had set homework like that in school I may have been more interested in doing it lol.

Hope you have a lovely Easter  and see you again in April xx


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