The Craft Room 5th March 2016 – Back to basics stamping – brayered backgraounds part two

Its time to get inky again this week in the craft room so, as the group loved the brayered backgrounds we did two weeks ago,


I thought I would give them a bit more brayer practice but take the stamping a step further and add  a little depth using just one colour ink pad and one stamp only.


So the tools are the same as last time – a speed ball brayer, blending mat, water in a spray bottle and again the best card stock to use for this is coated card stock as the ink does not soak into the card and you get a smoother finish but stamping card will work well too. But this week instead of Distress inks we are using Adirondack ink pads(or any ordinary  dye based ink) because we want to stamp with the ink as well – You can stamp with Distress inks but I find the images dont tend to be as sharp and a black Archival ink pad.


This time I cut the coated card stock (A4 size) into 3  x 10cm strips to give the ladies plenty of pieces to practice with and allowed them to chose one colour Adirondack ink pad and one stamp each


This stamp set from Stampers Anonymous came in very handy again as  they could all have a stamp each

With the  brayer primed with ink from the blending mat brayer the ink onto the cardstock starting at corner as before, but this time working the same colour al around the card and finally across the centre  so that you end up with rich colour around the edge and a paler centre

20160304_172043 (Julie-PC's conflicted copy 2016-03-06)

Now take your chosen stamp and just lightly mist with water from your spray bottle and “stamp” onto the cardstock. Blot the stamp with some kitchen roll to take off any ink, re mist with water and stamp again. Repeat a couple more times. Do NOT blot the cardstock, instead leave to develop and dry and start brayering up another piece while you are waiting.

20160304_172118 (Julie-PC's conflicted copy 2016-03-06)

As the ink dries the “stamped images will develop

20160304_172532 (Julie-PC's conflicted copy 2016-03-06)

These two samples were done with with stamps to show how the technique can work with different types of stamps. Image one was using Clarity Stamps large feather stamp which is quite a fine line stamp and image two was using Visible Image’s Flower stamp which is a very solid image.

Once dry and using the same colour ink pad used for braying the background, ink up the stamp and  offsetting the image slightly stamp once and then again before re inking stamp. Do this a couple more times too.

And ooops I forgot to  take a photo of the step, sorry.

Finally using the Archival black ink pad stamp a few more times to complete.

20160304_180017 20160304_173930

hopefully you can see both the last couple of steps in these examples

These strips can be used just as they as a background on a card with just a sentiment added


or can be cut up and used how ever you want to use them.

Lesson over though now, PLAY TIME  ladies, don’t think to much just have fun!

20160305_161223 20160305_16125720160305_162352 20160305_162314 (Julie-PC's conflicted copy 2016-03-06)

Just a few colourful samples from our craft group ladies, I could show a LOT more as the ladies really did have fun with this one.

Once you get the hang of this technique you can take it so much further.  I found these gorgeous Lavinia Stamps and just had to have a play with them – you know that feeling when you just get an idea lol


I could be here all night x


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  1. lisa

    Great crafty afty, my hands are just about clean lol 😁 x

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