The Craft Room 27th February 2016 – Book folding with spring flowers

Its the last Saturday of the month so its book folding time again.

Spring is definitely in the air with Mother’s Day next week and Easter not no far away either so to get the ladies into the mood, I re jigged  a vase pattern I designed last year


By insetting the word MUM into the pattern,  it makes it into a perfect gift for Mother’s day or, just keeping the vase plain makes a lovely Easter gift instead


Now one of the ladies who had seen the flowers (I had been experimenting with them last month) thought she would get ahead by contacting me at the beginning of the week and asking if I would make her some of the flowers so she could use them on her vase.

Hmmm,  Stacy (bless her) is a relative newcomer to the book folding group and doesn’t know me very well …

What her request did do though was give me the idea that maybe the ladies would like a flower tutorial and learn how to make the flowers themselves – I did do the prep for them and die cut all the shapes for them.

I have quite a few different flower dies  and did not really want to buy a specific daffodil die, instead I had a look at some of the daffodil dies on the market, then had a look at the dies I already had, proof you should never get rid of any of your crafty stash

as I found these spellbinder die sets bought on special offer and never used – until now lol


So I picked out the dies I wanted from both sets. Just have a look in your die stash (or punches) and you may have some similar shapes too.


Then just  using copy paper – I found some yellow in  my paper stash  ( or can colour white if don’t have any yellow)  and some white for the narcissus  – cut out the shapes – I managed to cut 4 layers at a time too


enough for everyone to make 8 flowers


Using pens/inks colour both sides of the stamen and trumpet pieces and can add a little deeper colour to the yellow petals too


roll up the stamen and glue, cut 2 petals out of the trumpet piece and put a dab of glue on one end petal and overlap the other end petal on top to form a cone shape


While waiting for the glue to dry, using a large ball tool and a sponge mat (the soft side of a Groovi mat ideal) shape the petals by stroking the ball tool from the centre out to the ends of the petals then fold the petals in half lenth ways and just pinch the end to make a crease. Finally just press gently down in the centre of the flower with the ball tool on the mat and this will just lift the petals.


Sorry not the best of photos but , to assemble the flower press down the centre of the trumpet onto hard surface (not the soft mat) This will just flatten the bottom slightly. Put a small blob of glue into the bottom of the trumpet and put the stamens in. then another blob of glue into the middle of the petals and put the trumpet in place.

20160227_132413 - Copy

I must admit this kept the group busy for a while lol, but the y were making 8 flowers



To glue onto the book fold it is easier if you use a hot glue gun. I also cut some thin  strips of green copy paper, folded in half length ways, creased and cut one end to shape to make daffodil leaves to put in any spaces


All set for Mother’s day xxx


If anyone would like a copy of the vase pattern, details  are as follows:-

for the plain vase pattern you will need a book with approx 200 pages and for the MUM vase pattern a book with approx 350 pages.  Ideal book height for both is 21cm. The pattern can be adjusted to fit the book so just pm me for more details. The patterns are £1.00 each and will be emailed as a PDF once payment received via paypal. ( or can post but sorry postage will be extra)


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