The Craft Room 13th February 2016 – Groovi® pick and mix

Its the second Tuesday of the month (already?) which means it Groovi® time again.

If you saw last months Groovi post you will know that the ladies  were limited to using just 2 plates – 1 nested shape plate and one character border plate to produce a lovely framed piece of work inspired by Maria Simms  who had very kindly blogged a step by step using the Holly plate.

They all produced such lovely work



that I felt they were ready to be challenged a bit more this month.- time to come out of your comfort zone ladies.

So lets do the opposite, lets put out ALL the border plates we have and you pick and choose elements  only from  different plates to make up a complete work piece. Totally your choice as to type of work piece – a full work piece, a border piece or how about a simple panel? the choice is yours…………

20160213_161932 - Copy

Hopefully this exercise will make everyone spend a little time getting to know the different plates and the elements on them as well as different ways of using them

For an example I had decided to do a couple of new wine glass shades (as my Christmas ones really needed to be replaced) so taking a couple of plates


and just picking out the flowers from the top one and the butterfly wings (well I saw butterfly wings lol)  from the bottom one

20160211_192821-1 - Copy

Then used the new Henna dots plate and another plate with dotty swirls on to finish off the butterflies. A bit of white work and colour with pens/pencils of your choice.

20160213_174857 - Copy

There are some Wine glass shade templates on my templates page if anyone would like a go.


We were joined today by  the lovely Amanda Openshaw who is a Face book friend of Lisa’s (and now myself). Amanda who is on the Clarity Challenge design team (very talented lady)  is just starting to getting into the ‘Groove’ .

Face Book, although I am still a total novice (dunce) with it, does have its uses, one of them being making and meeting new friends with similar interests. Finding out that Amanda only lived an hour’s drive away has meant that she was able come and join us on our Groovi crafty afty, and did she get Groovi…

Shhhh,  sneak peak at Amanda’s work in progress, and  already looks stunning, can’t wait to see it finished.

Diane who decided to add onto a piece she started last month using more elements has also produced a stunning piece

20160213_163212 - Copy

This is just gorgeous, in fact I think all the ladies have done amazingly well, and are all now looking at their plates with different eyes,

20160213_160104 - Copy 20160213_160142 - Copy 20160213_161809 - Copy

Just some of the works in progress that I managed to get my camera on lol. will hopefully get to see finished pieces next time.

We are all parchment novices but Clarity’s Groovi system makes it so easy to get started and then get addicted lol. If this has interested you in having a go you can find everything you need to know on the Clarity Stamps website including an introductory video. Barbara Gray also has You Tube videos for you to watch too.

Our next Groovi Session will be Saturday 19th March, (It is the Great Craft Extravaganza at York on the 12th March so not to miss our Groovi fix have moved it to the following Saturday just for this month)




  1. Lisa MacGregor

    SUch a,lovely afternoon xx

  2. Had a lovely time, thank you so much Julie. Will definitely be taking a trip next month. I’ve done a little bit more on my piece, but I think it will take a while to finish.
    See you soon.

    • so glad you enjoyed your trip to Scarborough, just remember not to over think it lol xx

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