Inaugural Meeting of Scarborough Book Folders Anonymous

After getting into book folding (was it only June?) a few months a go and once the group was also introduced to it at Julie Craig’s of AFE Creations  fab workshop in Skelton I realised that this was a craft that was going to addictive. Then I put on the summer crafting workshops at Bonnet’s Cafe in Scarborough and met some more lovely ladies who also wanted to carry on and learn more. So the idea was born  that  wouldn’t it be good if we could all meet up every now a again to chat and help each other with ongoing projects etc – a bit like a knit and natter group only we would fold and natter lol. So……………………

I decided that on the last Saturday of every month instead of a normal craftroom session we would hold a book folding forum group instead so this Saturday being the last Saturday of September we had our first meeting and it was lovely. All but one of my normal craft group turn up along with some of the ladies from the summer workshops.  It was lovely to catch up with everyone and to see what they had been getting up to since the introduction to book folding.

There were lots of questions and queries and I hope that between us we managed to answer most of them and show a few new ideas too.

Irene one of our regular crafters had a problem with a book she was folding for a present. “It just doesn’t look right” she said “can you have a look at it for me” I asked my daughter, Jenna, if she could check it to the pattern as it definitely did not look right. And she solved the problem pretty quickly. Irene is left handed and some how she had started measuring and folding the pages with the spine of the book away from her, oh dear we still don’t know how she managed that one lol. but it made a great example for the newbies.

When folding a hard back book from a pattern you need to have the book with the spine nearest to you and you should be able to read the title from left to right – that way you know the book will be the right way up.  They say the best way to learn is from your mistakes, I don’t think Irene will be doing that again lol.

What do you use for the base of your trees? – I use the glass desert pots you get from certain supermarkets,( hot glue on the rim and on with the tree).or wooden off cuts from a wood turner (if you know one)



What are the folds for the bird house and how many pages do you need?


For the Full version approx 370 and for the half version approx 185. There are two folds that you just alternate

fold one – just fold page in half to spine

fold two – fold right corner in to spine, then the left


You can just leave it as it is or as I prefer to do – tear the page up at the spine from the bottom half way up folding the bottom point to the top point.

How do you do those flowers again?

For the original kusudama flower you can find loads of tutorials on the internet and there is also a step by step for a simple version of the kusudama on my templates page so I won’t show now (though I did show them how this afternoon )

I also wanted to show them that by just playing around with different folds you can come up some lovely designs too

This vase was just 112 pages and decorated with kusudama flowers and origami lilies (here is a link to my pintrest board with a tutorial link)20150927_142759


For this vase, again there are only 2 alternate folds

fold 1 – fold page in half to spine

fold 2 – basic tree fold


fold right hand corner over to spine


then fold the fold line over to the spine

20150711_172513crease the overlap at the bottom and tuck under


When you have folded all the pages you then just go back and fold all the half fold pages in half again to the spine but DO NOT crease the fold so you get a rounded edge instead. then just fill with some of you favourite flowers.

Jenna and  I have also been trying our hand at pattern designing now too, as we want to stay on the right side of pattern copyright laws (ie no copying or sharing of bought patterns) we thought it would be easier (not quite that easy) if we designed our own. We are still learning the process but have had some success and now have a few patterns available for members. I just have to show you Jenna’s latest success. I know a few people who will love this one.



Well I hope this has given you a bit of an insight to our afternoon, I for one thoroughly enjoyed it, plenty of chatter and laughter and craft and hopefully will be seeing everyone again next month plus a few  more who could not make it this time – I am going to need more chairs lol




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  1. lisa

    Great afternoon thank you Julie, lots of chatter but made good progress with one of my many UFOs lol x

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