The Craft Room 19th September 2015 – Groovi Parchment part 2

Last Saturday saw us playing with Clarity Stamps new “Groovi”® parchment system for the first time

Groovi Plate Starter Kit

We used the  starter kit and one or two other plates that I had acquired prior to the session and had a great time playing around and learning the basics. Here is the link to her you tube video  Groovi introduction. if any of you are interested in finding out a bit more about it -this system basically makes creating the line art required for parchment craft so easy anyone can do it.


Luckily for me it was also Clarity Stamps Open days at Catterick last week end and Lisa and I had a fantastic day there on the Sunday. Because of the size of the venue (huge) tables had been set up for “Groovi ” make and takes with Barbara Gray, and to which we signed up immediately for on arrival. As well as plenty of hints and tips about using the the Groovi system from Barbara there was also a lovely lady taking part who was an experienced parchment crafter. Not only was she very impressed with the system, after the make and take she very kindly stayed on to show a few of us some shading tips and I must admit to staying and chatting with her for quite a while- a lovely lady.

We then moved onto the Demonstrator’s tables and while watching Maria Simms showing her newly acquired parchment skills which included how to incorporate stamps into the mix. I was really taken with some of her samples and demos, so taken in fact that I asked if she minded if  I used one of her ideas for our next Saturday craft session, Luckily Maria was quite happy for me “borrow” her idea.

This week I had  said we would tackle shading/white work and basic colouring so my homework for the week was to dig out my old Christine Coleman dvds and refresh my memory on some of the techniques.


A bit of shading and colouring practice with Clarity Stamps new plate (acquired on Sunday) just had to try this one.

Now ready for Saturday’s craft session. Maria’s parchment idea, that I wanted to use, entailed stamping a main image onto the front of the parchment in black archival ink, then leaving to dry, I stamped this little lot out on Friday night to make sure the ink was dry for the group on Saturday afternoon. (a tip from Maria as even archival ink takes time to dry on parchment paper)


The parchment paper is then turned to the reverse (inked side face down) and placed onto the Groovi plate mate with a shape plate in place and emboss which ever lines you want to use but avoid embossing through the stamped image. (If don’t have any of the shape plates, using the soft side of the mat provided in the kit place the parchment on the mat with a stencil shape over the top and using smallest of the  tools carefully go round that instead) Then change the plates and put a background within the shape. shade and colour.

Those were the basic instructions but,as I was going through these with the group, decided I wanted to put the owl on a branch first so out came the trees plate (which comes with the starter kit) and I embossed part of one of the trees to make a branch.  Then embossed in the oval shape again deciding that I wanted a double line.This is what makes this system so good, that you can just take parts of different plates and use in different ways.

I think the group are grasping this concept now too as here are some examples of the work they have done so far

20150919_165948 20150919_165925

Margery and Jackie’s owls (I also passed on Maria’s tip about embossing the owls eyes, can you see the difference in the top picture?)


Love this idea, Diane used one of the xmas wreath plates for the frame instead

20150919_165937 20150919_165913

Margery and Jackie’s geese, Its not very clear but can you see in the top picture Margery has used one of the punctuation marks on the plate mate as little butterflies

As there is not another groovi session for 3 weeks now I showed them some basic colouring techniques so they could take their work home to complete and will hopefully bring back to let me see how they have got on.


This was coloured on the back of the parchment using Spectrum Noir pencils and blending solution, but can also use oil pastels (with blending solution) , alcohol pens (spectrum noirs, pro markers etc) water colour pens (just be careful not too wet as parchment paper does not like water. Please check out Clarity Stamps You Tube or Christine Coleman (has some really good tips) to see how it is done properly if not done before.

Just a reminder

Due to the popularity of certain crafts including parchment craft  I have decided to make some changes to the format of our craft room sessions which will mean that they will get to practice the craft on regular basis.

Parchment in the craft room will be held every second Saturday of the Month starting from the 10th October. Any one in the Scarborough (UK) area who would be interested in joining the group just PM me and I will contact you with more details.




  1. lisa

    Great session, lots of homework to do, thanks Julie x

  2. Christine Woolford

    These all look lovely Julie and I love the pastel colouring, found you on Pinterest x

    • Thanks Christine, isn’t Pinterest an amazing place for ideas and inspiration xx

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