In The Classroom 11th April 2015 – Bleeding Tissue Canvas

The “bleeding tissue” technique is one that  we have all done when we were children apparently, if I have I’m afraid I don’t remember, but it has been fun learning it, again.

My first attempt was back in January and just starting on my journalling adventure with Rae aloha Dalal. Bleeding tissue was one of our weekly technique prompts which I tried just using some ordinary tissue paper I had to hand at the time



Then I saw that Eileen Godwin has also taken the technique and added her own indomitable style, which I love. Eileen has also very kindly made a You Tube video showing very clearly how to do it her way.


You can get the  proper “Art” tissue from Amazon, £3.18 for 20 sheets.

After watching Eileen’s video I knew that this was something the group would love do, so of course I had to prepare (have a play) a sample for the class.

I had planned on stocking up on a few Sweet Poppy stencils when we went to to the Harrogate Papercraft event last month but alas,  they were not there. This  actually worked out really well because it made me have to use  stencils I already have (mainly Clarity Stamps) and I do seem to have collected a few lol.

2015-03-24 07.46.24

We have had a lovely relaxed fun  afternoon playing with this technique and everyone’s work is just amazing,

2015-04-11 16.27.41

So colourful and all so different

2015-04-11 16.28.06

This is Diane’s on the left and Jenna’s on the right, love the pink.

2015-04-11 16.28.35

Irene’s on the left, Lisa’s on the right, amazing how well their backgrounds match.

2015-04-11 16.29.08

My second attempt on the left and Jackie’s on the right, I do love that tree stencil.

We will be finishing these next time when everyone has bought their frames. The canvass will be mounted onto white card and the image will be carried through onto it like so.

2015-04-12 10.09.11

Then when hung on the wall you can extend even further if you want?

2015-04-11 18.31.23

Sorry about the shine on the glass but  I love the way butterflies  look to be flying out of the picture. This is now hung in the downstairs loo.

Next week I may be able to show and tell what has been keeping me so busy this last couple of months, still a secret at the moment, though all will be revealed shortly, I hope.

The next “challenge” for the group will be the stamping technique – Retiform , which I was introduced to recently over on the Craft Barn Blog.



  1. The effect is amazing. What wonderful pieces tfs. You all must have had so much fun.
    Flo x

  2. lisa

    What a fab afternoon. Amazing results from everyone. I especially like how you have extended the butterflies even further out of the frame Julie, looks fantastic x

  3. Elaine Traverso

    What gorgeous work, I love bleeding tissue too. x

  4. isn’t the tissue technique fun. We played with it years ago (and I mean over 10 years) when I used to teach at the Craft Barn. Just like fashion if you live long enough it all comes round again lol.
    Hugs Kimx

    • Yes, just like shaving foam, lol. Its like having a second childhood playing with these techniques, great fun. Thanks for reading x

  5. lovely canvases. i think it is also called grid card. did it with barbara gray a couple of years back. she showed it on telly xx

    • Thanks Theresa, you are right, a few of thee other entrants in the Craft Barn challenge knew it as grid card technique x

  6. Lovely work xxx

  7. I’m so happy that you enjoyed yourselves and that I helped things along … THANK YOU
    Super duper work xxxx XXXXXX

  8. I love this work and will be watching the YouTube to see more of the technique.


  1. The Craft room 2nd may 2015 – Finishing frames | Julie's Craft Room

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