In The Craft Room 7th March 2015 – Blackened (or white) book covers -WIP

This week we are carrying on where we left off last week with our book covers.

At the end of last weeks session we had managed to reach this stage

IMAG1385With everything covered with a coat of black gesso


or half a dozen coats of white, lol, and left to dry.

So that was the hard part, now for the fun and “easy”? part – adding colour.

With spray inks and paints, gilding waxes and perfect pearls.

I had bought a couple of “Bloom” sprays from The craft Barn a while ago but alas that was all I had. (I NEED some Dylusions) So what to do? Make my own, Pinterest and more research.

In the beauty section of Sainsburys they sell (sold, shelf now empty in Scarborough lol) empty spray bottles for 80p each – 4 for price of 3. These are great if dont want to mess up your mini misters as  with this being paint can clog up your good misters  if not washed out after use.

aprox 1 tsp white pva , 1 tsp acrylic paint and fill bottle 2/3s full with water put top back on and give a good shake. You can  also add a tiny scoop of mica powder too if you want glimmer or use metallic acrylic paint, I used some of Indigoblo’s Cottage metallics for the silver and gold sprays. 2015-03-08 10.22.36

With some hindsight before our session I made up a couple of “spray booths” from cardboard boxes (as didn’t want the ladies spraying everyone else’s work as well as their own lol. Actually only one mishap with spray nozzle wrong way round so it was worth making them.

Before letting them loose with the sprays I made them have a practice on scrap paper first to “get the hang” of using the sprays. Not too close, not to far away, nozzle right way round etc. Then starting with the back cover first they were off. If spraying on different colours dry each layer before spraying n the next  so the colours dont merge as can go muddy. If you spray on too much or it puddles in areas just either mop up gently with paper towel of tilt and let it run for a different effect.

There is no right or wrong way to do this just keep going with it until happy

2015-03-07 15.12.36

Once they were happy with their base layers it was onto the next adding a bit more colour with acrylic paint sponged through stencil. You can also take colour away though the stencil too by wiping with a baby wipe or damp paper towel (this works really well on the white). Again just play till happy.

2015-03-07 15.12.21

Finally its time to add the detail, using acrylic paint, gilding waxes (we used Treasure Gold and Pebeo waxes) and mica powders(preferably Perfect Pearls) Again it is just a case of adding till you are happy. If something doesn’t look right cover over with something else. It all will come right in the end.

2015-03-07 15.12.56


Working on the black and white backgrounds give totally different looks and having now done both cannot decide which I like best, both look great.

The Black look

2015-03-07 17.37.37


2015-03-07 17.38.02

don’t you just love the fish?

2015-03-07 17.38.32

or the white look2015-03-07 17.39.18

2015-03-07 17.40.07

I think you just have to try both lol.

This has been one of those projects where you learn as you go, some things worked some didn’t but we persevered and I think they have turned out pretty good for our first attempts. Well done Ladies

We will be back in a fortnight to finish off our books with a coat or two of Spray and Shine, lining the inside of the covers and finally binding all together with the pages. so will hopefully be able to show  you all the finished books.








  1. lisa

    That was messy and lots of crafty fun. All the covers are so different, really very good, it’s given me inspiration for the next one! X

  2. Jacky Allatt

    Fab efforts by your ladies, I bet they’re thrilled with their covers and learnt alot of new techniques which could be used in other projects. I’m looking forward to seeing the next step.

  3. it never fails to surprise me how the same things end up looking so different. lovely xx

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