Perpetual Box Calendar Tutorial – part 1

This is quite a complex project but I will try and keep it as simple as possible and show you how to make up the basic parts and then show you how we decorated ours. This will then make it easier for those who want to decorate it their own way as you will not have to read/scroll though everything to find the bits you want.

The materials to make the basic calendar are:-

5 sheets A4 card approx 300/350gsm

red super sticky tape and  a  PVA white/clear tacky glue (we used Tonic’s but any will do)

You will also need a score board (all measurements in cm’s only, sorry,) pencil and scissors.

We will start with the base (the templates for all the parts are on my template page as printable PDF files)

Take your scoreboard and 1 sheet of A4 card


Score a line down at 7cm. then turn your card so the other short edge is on the left


Score another line down at 7 cm. Now turn the card vertically on the board


and score another line down at 7cms.

To get the shape for the top of the box  you may find it easier to print off the base template and cut out the shape on one side. You can then place this over your card to draw round on one side then just flip it over to draw round for the other side


Fold  all your score lines and cut up from the bottom of the card to the horizontal fold line (at 7cms) at both sides as shown.


Fold in each side flap, place red sticky tape on the under side of the lower part of the  side flaps, square them  up with the bottom edge and  stick t down to the bottom flap. Thats the base done.


Next  are the 3 boxes for the months.

you will need 2 sheets for the 3 boxes

Place your card on the score board short side to the left of the board.


and score lines down at 2.5cm,   5cm,  7.5cm,  10cm,  and 11cm. Turn your card around so the other short side is against the left side


and score down the same lines again, 2.5cm, 5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm and 11cm. Now turn your card so the long side is against the left side of the scoreboard


and score down at 2.5cm,  17cm,  and 19.5cm.  that narrow strip on the right is waste and needs to be cut off. You also need to cut along  the 11cm score lines (if unsure check the template the cut lines are marked  in blue)

This gives you 2 of your boxes so you will need to use your second piece of card  for the third box but you only need to do one set of lines ( You could cut the card in half (A5) first and less waste this way too)

Now fold all your score lines

IMAG1253and cut off the two narrow end pieces as shown.


Cut in on the score lines at each end to the fold line then cut a slight diagonal on each flap  to taper them except the end one – leave that one square.

Put red super sticky (or wet glue) down the long narrow flap and stick the other end down over it. fold in the tapered ends placing a little wet glue on top of each flap leaving the square flap till last glue in place with wet glue making sure it is squared off neatly.

You may find it makes for a neater finish  if you cut a slither off the ends of the tapered flaps only  so they fold in easier.


Finally the number boxes

You will need 2 A4 pieces of card stock one for each box.

Place a sheet on your scoreboard with short side to the left hand side


and score down at 1cm,  8cms,  15cms,  22cms and 29 cms. the narrow strip left on the end is waste and to save confusion later you could trim this off now.

Turn your sheet of card round vertically so the long side is to the left and with the 1cm score line at the top.


Score all the way down at 7 cm  and 14 cms

Now you need to score down at 6cm just to the 2nd horizontal score line then score down to the bottom from the 3rd horizontal score line. see diagram/template if not sure.Repeat at  the 15 cm score line.


To cut out you need to cut down at the 6cm and 15cm score lines remembering not to cut the part with no score line.Then cut in from the  2 sides to the 7cm and 14cm score lines as shown by the blue cutting lines on the diagram/template.


Hopefully your piece of card should now look like this.

Now fold and score all your score linesIMAG1260

Cut diagonal notches in on all your tabs and using wet glue  start to glue your box together (you could use tape but once its stuck its stuck! the wet glue allows a bit  manoeuvring time) I Wish I could tell you there is an easy way to do this but, apart from saying take your time and glue one tab at a time (dont put glue on all your tabs at once), we haven’t found one yet. But it does come together.


That is all your basic components made now, that wasn’t so bad was it?

The fun part is next decorating all your boxes.


I will add a second tutorial shortly (promise) to show you how we decorated ours. It will also include the number sequence you will need for each date cube (this is important to get right so you will need this check this bit) Obviously you can decorate your boxes any way like and I would love to see you ideas on this.


Any questions so far? just ask.


1 Comment

  1. What a wonderful tutorial! Thank you for sharing and for going to such a lot of work to ensure that we all ‘got’ it.

    Sending love and … wishing you a very Happy, joy filled, peaceful and contented New Year. (and … a lottery win!)
    ~ Cobs. x

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