The Craft Barn Q&L challenge no 19 – Patience and Better

There was no Craft room this Saturday as most of the group were attending Eileen Godwin‘s Brusho workshop here in sunny Scarborough.

Yes, instigated by Lisa, while chatting to Eileen on Facebook a while ago,  she managed to talk Eileen into coming  to Scarborough, and organised the venue which was perfect. We had a brilliantly fun day  playing with different techniques with Brushos and meeting Eileen and the rest of the ladies who came to the workshop too. What we found really amazing was that the four from our group were the only “locals” there. some of other ladies were from as as far away as Liverpool and Manchester as well as places closer to home like Beverley and Bridlington which are really “just down the road”.

I will post a separate blog to show what we got up to, but I just wanted to mention the workshop as it gave me the inspiration for my tag. so back to the Q & L challenge.

The Q & L Challenge is a fortnightly challenge run by The Craft Barn. Each fortnight starting on a Sunday we are given 2 words and we have to use one or both of them in a Quote or Lyric which has to used on your artwork which can be anything from a journal page to cards, tags etc. for full details of the challenge and rules of entry etc here is the link to the Craft barns Q & L Challenge.

My entry for this weeks challenge is a bit of a quick one as having to catch up with work after having all day Yesterday off, but it was worth it.

I have chosen the song “Swinging on a Star” by Jimmy Van Heusen and Johnny Blake. It was first sung by Bing Crosby in the film “Going my Way” in 1944.

The Story goes, that Jimmy Van Heusen was round at Bing’s house for dinner, discussing songs for the film. During the meal one of Bing’s children began complaining as he did not want to go to school the next day and Bing said “if you don’t go to school you might grow up to be a mule, Do you wanna do that?” Van Heusen thought that the rebuke would make a great song for the film.

The song was released as a single on 7th Feb 1944 and has been covered by over 20 Artistes since then. Not bad for a child’s rebuke.

The first verse is as follows, funny I had never really taken much notice of the words before

Would you like to swing on a star?
Carry moonbeams home in a jar?
And be better off than you are?
Or would you rather be a mule?

A mule is an animal with long, funny ears
He kicks up at anything he hears
His back is brawny and his brain is weak
He’s just plain stupid with a stubborn streak
And, by the way, if you hate to go to school
You may grow up to be a mule

It carries on for a couple more verses, one about a pig and one about a fish. but I wont carry on promise.

For the base of the card I have used Eileen’s version of the “cling film” technique using Brushos.

First, lay out a piece of cling film larger than the piece of cardstock (coated is best for this) you are using. Scrunch at a bit to get some folds and creases and spray liberally with a glimmer spray, any will do home made or branded. I used a watered down solution of Radiant Rain.


Not that you can see a lot. Next sprinkle on a few grains of Brushos I used purple, ultra marine and a little black


Still not a lot to see. Place you piece of card down over the top, fold over the edges of the cling film and turn over.

IMAG1152Now it cooking. Scrunch it up a bit more and move the colour around a bit, pat it flat and leave for about ten minutes

I made a couple to see which one would work best for my tag.

IMAG1154I think I will go with this one.

IMAG1156Just inked around the edges with DI

IMAG1159Pinched the boy from the Clarity Stamp, boy with birds, made a star from gold jewellery wire  and job  done.

It is a bit difficult to see the words with the background shining as I have written them in gold too. typical normally it is the sparkle you cant see.

Thank you for visiting and for all your lovely comments,  I really appreciate you taking the time to comment.



  1. Craftyfield

    The brusho background looks great. I love the sparkle and the wire star is fantastic. The song’s story is interesting too!

  2. twinkletoes2day

    That is one luscious background!! And I love love love that song!! Very cool image and star to go with your lyric choice. Awesome tag imo! :o))

  3. That’s cool.

    • Debbie

      Great tag! The background is awesome, and I love the little boy swinging on the star!

  4. Lovely glimmery tag and what a fun song to choose. I was speaking to Lynnda and she was saying she thoroughly enjoyed the class with Eileen and your cakes!!

  5. Scrapmate

    Love this brusho technique – the colours are great. A fab song lyric.

  6. Not used Brushos yet, they are on my messy list to try lol. Glad you showed this technique as your Tag background is amazing, loving the shimmer. Thanks for the background on the lyrics that was very interesting 🙂 xxx

  7. I just love everything about your tag: the beautiful background, the golden wire star, the little stamped boy so sweet.

  8. Great background and boy is that shimmer yum – great tag 🙂

  9. Fiona Spain

    I really love this stamp.

  10. A song I’ve actually heard of, even though I had NO idea it was that old. Isn’t it the truth that when you use sparkles, they don’t show up on either a scan or a photo. I love this technique, although I have no Brushos. I appreciate you sharing it. Your tag is stunning, and I’m truly impressed with the way you decorated the quote.

  11. Golly, that should have read LYRICS, not quote. Silly me. I must be that mule you referred to (grin).

  12. (big grin) definitely no mule, too intelligent by far, but thank you, and any water based inks will work for this technique, no need for Brushos but once bought will last for ever, very versatile and economical at £1.40 a tub as only a few grains needed. You will love them x

  13. Great tag, I love the background! My friend also went to Eileen’s workshop and had a fab time! xx

  14. A beautiful tag and love the boy floating up to the star and the little donkey (mule) at the bottom. Gorgeous background colours. I think I feel the need to invest in some of those Brusho crystals!

  15. thassos456 :)

    Gorgeous tag. Love the background and the stamps 🙂

  16. A great tag with a beautiful background – thank you for sharing how you made it.

  17. Lisa

    Gorgeous background on this tag, one of my top 5 techniques. Very funny song lyrics too 😀 x

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