In the Craftroom 20th September – A Tonic Advent

We are back to a full house in the craft room this week  so its back to the Christmas countdown plan

This week we are making  a start on our Advent calendars  as we will need these to start from 1st December.


I managed to get hold of one of the new Tonic “Advent Treat” box die sets when they were on Create and a little while ago. This set comes with the main box die and 2 sets of numbers. These  little boxes would make lovely little favour boxes too. If you would like a set they have them on pre order at

The die  will also fit any size Die cutting machine from Cuttlebug to Grand Calibur.

IMAG1125The box die cuts and scores all your fold lines too making it very easy to put together.

You can easily get 3 boxes from 1 piece of A4 card and we used card stock ranging from 200gsm to 300gsm with no problems. It really depends what you will be putting inside as to the sturdiness of the box.

If you want to emboss the card stock you are using, you can emboss the whole piece of card first then cut out the boxes – doing it this way you will loose a little of the embossed pattern definition when you put it back through to cut but it still looks ok,

or you can cut the boxes out first then emboss – this way you may loose your score lines but we found that you could quickly put the card piece back in the die and run it back though the machine with the rubber embossing mat to get your creases back.

Once you have cut a few box shapes out you can ink them up, stamp on them  etc  BEFORE assembly


IMAG1136Here I just used a little gilding wax over the embossing, creased all the folds and put super sticky tape on the flaps.


To assemble the boxes, we found it easier to stick the long side edge first and then the 2 short bottom pieces. If you are wanting ribbon or string hangers you can hold in place when you are sticking  the long side flap which could be a bit fiddly, or the way I found easier was after sticking the long side take a pokey tool and poke a little hole in the top through from the inside of the box then take your  ribbon/string loop and poke that through, again from the inside, just enough so you can pull the rest through from the outside. Just remember to put a knot in it first.


Once you have stuck the 2 bottom pieces in place you will see that you are left with a slit down the middle. This is so that you can pop in your sweets or other little gifts.  Just squeeze at the corners to open


Once you have made a couple you soon get the hang of them


and they look good using all sorts of different card stock and themes, I think you may be able to tell that I am going for a white and gold look.

The rest of the group have all gone for different themes too.

Jackie’s  style is with some simple stamping and bold colours


Lisa has gone for more traditional colours with an embossed look

IMAG1143And Diane has gone foe a more contemporary look with hers


As you can see they still have a little  way to go yet, 25 boxes and all  to be decorated and numbered, which should keep them busy for a couple of weeks. so watch this space.


Next Saturday Eileen Godwin is  in Scarborough for a workshop and most of us will be there, if I am not to busy/engrossed I will try and remember to take some pictures and I will definitely let you know how we get on.We will be playing with Brushos so cannot wait.





  1. All the boxes are lovely and will make fabulous advent calendars. Will you collect small branches to hang them on? I made similar boxes, without a die, for our daughter’s wedding. Wish the die had been around then as it would have taken less time to make them up, I had to print them onto the reverse of mirror card, cut them out and then assemble, very sore fingers!

    • I have a white tree (from Hobbycraft) which should work, but I think some of the other ladies are collecting branches while dog walking. thanks again for your lovely comments, much appreciated, x

  2. Lisa

    Thank goodness for Tonic lol. Very quick and easy to make , thanks Julie x

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