In The Craftroom 6th September 2014 – Christmas is Coming Ho Ho Ho

It’s September, the nights are drawing in and its time to start preparing for Christmas, Oh yes.

Plans for Christmas projects in the craft room include  special workshops for wreaths, advent calenders, candle decorating, Kimikomi baubles as well as themed card making sessions which should keep every one happy for the next few months up to Christmas, I hope.

Today I thought I would start off with a simple background technique that makes lovely backgrounds for Christmas Cards.

I dug out some of my old ink/shimmer sprays/ Radiant Rains, etc and made up some lovely shimmer mists in purples, blues, greens and reds. The ink sprays were a bit washed out colour wise , but then I remembered that you can use “Brushos” as a spray too, so added a smidge of these to the mixes too. Lovely.

Now we could have just sprayed these straight  onto pieces of card and made some lovely backgrounds but no, I thought I would make it a bit more fun,inky, and messy. by introducing the group to the “cling film” technique. ( This technique has been around a while now. Barbara Gray  did a blog post using this technique a month or so ago and Eileen Godwin has also recently been playing with this technique too).

Take a piece of cling film and spray with your inks. Just use one or two colours. (If you do not have any sprays you can still do this technique by either dabbing the cling film with a water based ink pad (ie distress ink) or distress stains or even watered down acrylic paints. Just follow the next step to get some shimmer into the mix)


I also got the mica powers out and we sprinkled some of them on too. spritzed with  a little water and placed a piece of coated cardstock on top.

Turn it cover carefully keeping the cling film in place. If you have over spritzed just watch out for drips.


Scrunch and move the cling film around a bit to get some creases in there and then put to one side for about ten minutes to dry out a bit keeping the cling film in place, and do another one, and another…… I think the group were starting a bit hooked at this stage.


After about ten minutes you can peel away the cling film. The card may still be a bit damp so either leave to dry naturally of waft with a heat gun to dry before using. Once dry the shimmer does show honest just not in that photo. But here are some of the ones the group produced which show the shimmer a bit better.

IMAG1101 IMAG1097

Now They wanted to make them up into cards. so here are a few ideas to start them off


These were over stamped with pearlescent white acrylic paint. This is ideal if the background hasn’t worked that well.

IMAG1099And you can’t not have to have a “tattered”poinsettia.


or snowflake dies. You could also emboss the backgrounds too


So that was that, I then just let them loose with my Christmas dies  and embossing folders and went and put the kettle on.

IMAG1102 IMAG1095

These are just a couple of their works in progress to date. Diane’s poinsettia is gorgeous, I just had to show a sneaky peek and the shimmer in the background has shown up too. I will hopefully be able to showcase more of their work next week once they have sorted and assembled all their bits and pieces.

There backgrounds are quick and easy to do and very inexpensive, But each one will be unique so no two cards will be exactly the same .


Just a final word of warning, you may want to wear protective gloves while mixing your ink sprays, especially if using Brushos.


I didn’t, and I am going out for a meal tonight too, so will probably be smelling of eau de bleach lol.



  1. Lisa

    That session was alot of fun. I just washed the pots last night without gloves on to get rid of the worst of it 🙂

  2. Oh no Christmas 🙂 I must admit to making some Kimikomi baubles though but Christmas makes will be on hold this year with a move in progress. Beautiful backgrounds and look forward to seeing more makes xx

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