In The craftroom 9th August 2014 – Brushos? What are brushos?

This started with a Face book message from Lisa – “You have got to see this” and a link to Eileen Godwin’s face book page  –

Eileen  was showcasing some sample cards  she had made using her “new love” – Brushos, –

And WOW, this lady is amazing with colour! Eileen  runs  various different workshops up  and down the country as well as being on several design teams for the likes of Lavinia Stamps and Rubber Art Stamps AND we are lucky enough to be attending one of her workshops here in Scarborough at the end of September, Can’t wait. I think there may be a few limited places still available so check out her blog if you are interested.  Eileen’s Crafty Zone.    Also on her blog you will find some more posts  (in July) where Eileen has used Brushos in her work with some step by steps of how she used them too.

This has also, I think, caused a stampede of people (including myself) searching for and buying Brushos lol.

My set of Brushos  (from Amazon, though I think Eileen has mentioned that they are now in stock  at Oyster stamps too) arrived a couple of weeks ago now, but I have kept them under wraps till today as a surprise , especially for Lisa who has been talking about them since seeing the on Eileen s Face book post.


First of all, what are Brushos?  Basically Brushos are crystallised ink – tiny grains of intense colour- that can be used in a myriad of different ways. They have been around the Art world for a few years, but have now exploded into the craft scene. Check out U tube for videos etc.  The box set ( of 12 colours) I bought came with an  instruction leaflet too which has various methods of use included.

For our crafty afty I took a tip from Eileen and pierced a small hole in the top of the Brusho containers so the powder could be sprinkled out sparingly. This was mainly to stop any accidents which I know my group are prone too, I am learning, prevention is better than a disaster lol.

The first and simplest method of using Brushos is to just sprinkle a little onto your card/paper stock and spritz with water. So which card/paper stock?

I tried it with my ordinary everyday white card, watercolour card/paper, cartridge paper and even Sheena’s stamping card and it worked on all of them. You just need to be careful of the amount of water you are spritzing on as the card can start curling and the colours can run. Keep a piece of kitchen roll to hand so that you can carefully soak up any excess water, but don’t dab it onto the card as it will take the ink off too (unless you want to do that) You can also wet the card first, then sprinkle on the Brushos, though you will still want to spritz after too.

A couple of things to remember when using Brushos – They are a water soluble ink, therefore can be manipulated while wet but, permanent when dry. So be careful, though it also means that you can build up layers too.

Play time!

sprinkle  two/three colours onto selected card/paper stock (for practising you can get A4 artists sketchbooks with 170gsm cartridge paper from The Works for 99p)

Here I have just used half a sheet of the cartridge paper and sprinkled – hmm  lets see a little scarlet, a little purple and yes some turquoise – love this colour.


Exciting isn’t it, lol

Now watch the magic happen – spritz with water


Fireworks or what?

this is so adictive

what about leaf green, yellow and hmm turquoise?

IMAG1060But now what?

You can over stamp with black archival ink – bold outlines or silhouette stamps will work best or you could use stencils as Eileen has  – see her blog.

IMAG1055This is one of Lisa’s using Sheena’s A little bit oriental stamps.

Alternatively you could stamp your image first (using Archival ink)  Then you can sprinkle the powder where you want the colour to be  ish. It will still do its own thing but at least you feel as if you have some control – or not.


Lisa stamped the image first with this one.

We carried on making backgrounds, because it was fun and also because we had to do something while we were waiting for the first ones to dry before we could carry on with making them into cards.



We did find that that it was better to leave them to dry naturally than to dry with a heat tool. but you can waft when nearly dry just to finish off. Also when trying to cut the paper/card to size , if still damp it can tear, though I did say that that was not a problem as you could tear all the edges for a torn edge look anyway



They have all elected to take their backgrounds home with them to finish off making into cards so I am hoping they will bring them back next week for a show case.

In the mean time I showed them some of the cards I have made so far to give them some ideas of what they can do with their backgrounds

IMAG1046Simply stamp an image (Clarity boy with birds stamp) crop, mat and layer


Stamp your images (Clarity filligraphy balloon stamps) crop cut into three (could be 4 squares etc) mat and layer.

Here are a couple of ideas I came up with for using off cuts or parts of ones that didn’t turn out so well.IMAG1052


Yes even the butterfly lol.(one of Sue Wilson’s new dies)

This was using Marianne Designs zip die with Clarity’s letter stamps



and this is using what has to be my all time favourite stamp from Katzelcraft.


Cannot wait to see what the rest of the group do with their backgrounds


Going to experiment with some resist techniques with the brushos now, will let you know how I get on later.

I would love to hear from anyone else who is playing with Brushos and to see what they are doing or if anyone has any questions I will try and answer them.

Finally Thank you Eileen Godwin for your inspiration for this weeks crafty afty and this post, you now have even  more converts. Really looking forward to meeting you in September 🙂




  1. Lisa

    What fabulous fun with brushos (thank you ( Eileen) and we’ve only just scratched the surface. Great blog post Julie 🙂

  2. Linda Page

    Fantastic Julie love them all, xx

  3. great write up and breakdwn of techniques. they are truly addictive xx

  4. Such beautiful, intense, vibrant colours. Love the backgrounds you have created and the cards you have made. The cat one just has to be my favourite 🙂 Love that.

  5. Now I know what Brushos are. They look truly addicting and so much fun. Pretty awesome the stamps you used to accent them, too.

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