In The craftroom 19th July 2014 – Coffee Stain Tangling

This week over on the  Diva Challenge  it was a B. Y. O. B (bring your own beverage) challenge and Jenna thought it would make a fun crafty afty for us all to have a go.


My daughter Jenna, a self taught  Zentangle® addict, is regular participant on a couple of Certified Zentangle Tutors blogs. One of these being “I am the Diva CZT” blog where Zentangle inspired challenges are set on a weekly basis.When she saw this weeks challenge she decided that it was time our group had a refresher session –

A few months a go Jenna took over the group and gave us a lesson each Saturday for a month teaching us the basics of Zentangle® and a number of tangle patterns. The group thoroughly enjoyed learning and I have to admit Saturday afternoons had never been so quiet. lol.

The Challenge was to basically take your favourite/usual beverage and use it to somehow stain (splatter, splosh, mop up etc) your tile (3.5 x 3.5inch piece of card)


We just used coffee (very strong espresso) and tea (leaving the teabag in to use too) and just splattered, splodged, soaked and generally made a mess to get a few different looking tiles

Now we just have  to Zentangle®  them

Jenna made it a bit more a challenge by giving us 4 new tangle patterns and showing us the step outs  to add to our  library

The tangle patterns  she gave us were Heart Line, Heart Rope, Heart strings, and Heart Vine, do you get the feeling there is a theme in there somewhere? lol. All these patterns and hundreds more can be found on Tangle along with lots of information and help to get started.

Then  she gave us some inspiration to get us started

jenna 3 jenna 2 jenna 1

Though she did also use a few other tangle patterns here too, but they get the idea across. For the third one with the butterfly she dabbed a wet teabag through a butterfly stencil, dried it off and then dipped the tile in coffee.  When dry the butterfly came  out a  darker shade and she just tangled around it

To see more of Jenna’s Zentangle inspired art work please visit her blog, there are some amazing pieces like this one




Now its our turn

Irene our recent addition to the group,  not only has never done any tangling before but is also left handed. so  once the rest of us were set on our tasks Jenna gave her  a crash course

How is this for her first ever tile ? Irene  loved doing it  and has taken the Zentangle® Basics book home to play with, think she may become another addict, lol.

My Mum Margery, as some of you will know is also a bit of an addict (you must see my birthday post and the card she made for me – amazing)


and is a bit more practised than the rest of us, which definitly shows in her tile

Diane and I must admit that we haven’t really done much more Zentangling since our last lessons but have thoroughly enjoyed the refresher AND stuck the brief just using the heart tangles we were given


Diane managed to use all four tangles in hers  and managed some quite clever touches too.

and finally here are my efforts





It has been a lovely, peaceful and relaxing afternoon.

I really  need and make sure we have a Zentangle® session on a regular basis to help me recharge my crafty mojo which seemed to disappear this last week. definitely back now so need to go play. 🙂


The Zentangle® art form and method was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas and is copyrighted. Zentangle® is a registered trademark of Zentangle, Inc. Learn more at























  1. Lisa

    Loved the new tangles Jenna showed us. I definitely to make time to do more Zentangling 🙂

  2. What a clever and talented daughter you have, your mum is pretty skilled too 🙂 Love the pieces you have all created, they look so complicated and make outstanding cards and wall art. Love the creations on your daughter’s blog.

  3. Neat idea!

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