In The craftroom 14th June 2014 – Mini canvas, grunge paste and more

A few weeks a go I popped in my local “The Works” when passing (as you do) and spotted some mini canvas’s which came with their own little easel stands and thought they would be ideal for a Saturday crafty afty session, so I bought a “few” as they were only £1.99 each

Then I had to have a play to see what we could manage to do in our 3 hour session.


I was really pleased with the  end results,so pleased  in fact I entered this one for May’s Clarity Challenge and I am also giving it to a dear friend for her birthday.

My only worry is letting the group loose for the afternoon with grunge paste.

I have tried to keep things as simple as possible, so  starting with the background and  using acrylic paint we just  dry brushed  it on. I have some pearlescent acrylic paint (from Rymans) which l love to use as a base.


For the mini canvas you just need a couple of  “small” pea size blobs on you craft mat (or if just using 1 colour more of a broad bean size) and we just added a smidge (and I mean just a smidge) of acrylic colour to the  blob ,mixing it in with the brush, it doesn’t have to be mixed in completely as it will all add to the effect. Then just brush it onto approximate half the canvas, again no need to be perfect here. Then do the same with the second blob and a different colour and brush over the other half overlapping onto the other colour.

Because you are only using a tiny amount of colour with the pearlescent paint, it will become a lot lighter than the original  but better to start off to light than too dark. As you can see in the picture which colour I used and what colour it has come out on the canvas. The pearlescent paint gives a lovely sheen too.

Now its time to play

You can stamp or stencil images into the background before adding the image you want to use with grunge paste. We are using Paper Artsy’s Grunge paste which you can get from Clarity Stamps or The Craft Barn (these are the ones that I know of, but there will be other stockists too) and it is only £5.99 a tub. Just remember to wash your stencil as soon as you have used it and all will be fine. One thing we did find is that you just need to be careful if using a stencil with large open areas or a rigid metal stencil. As the canvas is not a solid surface if you “work”  the paste  to much trying to get it smooth it will seep under the edges of the stencil, so just try and spread the paste across in one or two swipes then one more to take off the excess. It does not need to be perfectly smooth (we are not plastering a wall) any unevenness will add to the effect.


Then it is a case of leaving it to dry which will be approx half an hour to an hour depending on how thick it has been put on. Once dry you can add more layers if you have inny and outy stencils you can lay the outer one down and paste through then when dry put the outer one back over to protect your canvas and put the inny over the top and paste through the details. You will just need a little more patience letting it dry between layers ( that was how I did the bird above).

Time for tea, cake and a natter whilst waiting for them to dry, I can’t believe how well this afternoon is going.

Now back on with the stencil, its time to colour it up. (you could colour the paste before using if you would prefer) we have just used inks and gilding wax. then stamped out a word or saying using archival ink  and finally rubbed around the sides with Treasure Gold to finish and

Ta dah all done. time to show and tell


Irene has done really well and it was her first attempt at stamping too, A canvas is not the ideal surface to stamp onto.


Jackie’s is lovely too with Treasure gold highlighting the seed heads



Jenna has made this one  for her clinic – she is a sports therapist



and just love this one Diane has really made those poppies pop.

Most of the stencils and stamps used were from Clarity Stamps except the butterflies on Jackie s which were Sheena’s.

Not sure what is happening next week yet, except that Lisa and I are going to a Maria Simms workshop on Friday which we are so looking forward too (can’t wait) so will probably be playing around with what we learn at he workshop and will let you know how we got on 🙂

















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