The Craft Barn’s Q&L Challenge no 10 – Music and Passion

The  Q & L challenge  no 10 is Music and/or Passion. If you would like to know more about the challenge and would like to join in  here is the link to The Craft Barn’s Q&L Challenge blog

Two really good words this time and quite a few quotes with both words, so why am I struggling?  I have been singing “I’ve got the music in me”  all week too which has not helped either, lol.

I finally settled on a quote I found on Pinterest, only I forgot to pin it (good job I wrote it down)  so  I have just gone back to find to see who wrote it and of course I can’t find it anywhere. Its been one of those weeks I think.

Which reminds me I must apologise too, I had some free time last Sunday and went on the Challenge blog to visit the other entries I had missed and as Word press was not working properly it wouldn’t let me leave comments and by the time I had figured out how to change my ID to a google account  I had run out of time. So If I didn’t leave a comment (or if I left it more than once)I am sorry but it  wasn’t for the want of trying honest and will hopefully have more success this week.


So my  quote for this Challenge says “Music is the heartbeat of a chaotic world learning to find peace”

I started well, I found an outline drawing of the world, coloured it with my new Spectrum Noir pencils (very nice) and then went over it with Distress stain (frayed burlap). Tore it into pieces and stuck it down on my tag. This was to be my “chaotic world)


So far so good, then I covered it with some tissue paper with music printed on it which didn’t  work quite as I wanted it to and I am not happy with my writing or the red ink. the red ribbon was a bit much too, it was staring to look it bit  Christmasy.


So changed it to green twine


Hmmm. That is supposed to be a heart and olive branches  too, not a strawberry lol

Thats it, I am leaving it there before I turn it into a fruit salad

Thank you if you actually read down this far and sorry not one of my best





  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog and I see now why you wanted my world map stamp. Your tag looks great and so does your ‘strawberry’ !!

  2. thassos 456 :)

    Hi, had to smile about your post. I have lots of those days lately 🙂 Anyway love your tag and the quote is brilliant. 🙂

  3. Amazing, a great quote and a fabulous tag.

  4. twinkletoes2day

    Visiting from The Craft Barn – Haha :/ Oh dear and bless you 😉 What a time you had. The end rsult is wonderful , but I could feel your tension in your excellent description, so a good post as well as the tag 😀

  5. Scrapmate

    I love your quote & I didn’t think your heart looked like a strawberry until you mentioned it.

  6. Craftyfield

    I liked your chaotic world map before the tissue paper, this is the only thing I would change. The music stamping, the buildings, the red writing… all works but maybe would work better against the warm background before the tissue paper. Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

    • Isn’t it just lol.and yes I preferred it before the tissue paper too

  7. Lovely tag and a great quote!

  8. A great quote and I can relate to things not going to plan. I did a class last year and one of the lessons was – if you don’t like it paint over it – and once you learn to do that, things get interesting and far more enjoyable. Thank you for your lovely comment. I learn’t to do my writing on the same course and have had a year of practicing and am now developing my own style (slowly). It is a Tessa Moore technique and I think somewhere out there on You Tube you can find a video she did talking about journal writing. The main things are extra fine paint pens eg xfine sharpie poster paint pens and practice.

  9. Sorry I’m late visiting, but my internet woes continue to give me fits. Sounds like yours are similar. I think you did a good job with the layering, and it never looked like Christmas to me, or a strawberry, even with all the incarnations. Nicely done on the quote, too.

  10. Fab tag and a great quote! xx

  11. I love it and didn’t think the heart looked like a strawberry at all 🙂 Think we all have days like though – I feel exactly the same about my second piece! Couldn’t link mine (nor could several other people) as the CB linky closed early and probably just as well as it has been drawn to my attention that I didn’t actually use the word ‘Music’ on my first piece 😀

  12. Your end result is beautiful, love the crackle effect on the heart and the draping vine leaves work very well. I can definitely understand your angst, sometimes it is good to feel this way then we can change the bits we don’t resonate with.

    Love your quote, have you read The Silmarillion by Tolkien? It takes a lot of concentration but it is one of the most amazing books i have ever read and changed my perception of everything.

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