In The craftroom 24th May 2014 – Pop up box cards – A simple how to make.

Pop up box cards are really popular at the moment  and the group have been itching to have a go for quite a  while.

There are a couple of reasons why  we are late joining the party. The first being the fact that it was Lisa’s birthday in April and as I had made her one , I did’nt want to spoil the surprise.


The second excuse, is that Margery chose this for her May Crafty Afty choice, but was unlucky to pick week 4 for her week.

They say patience is a virtue, lol  and finally it is now week 4 and Margery’s choice .


I wanted to try and keep it simple, and came up with a template that can easily be made from 1 piece of A4 card. (any card from 250gsm to 350 gsm is ideal but  you could get away with 220gsm if the panels are made from cardstock too as this will make it sturdier) The template is a bit of a amalgamation of a few different versions  that I have seen.

Pop up card template 001


Hopefully I will have the a PDF version on my templates page in a couple of days

To make the basic box card the tools and materials required are as follows

A Score board is useful (we used a Hougie board)  but its not essential and we have worked in centimetres but will give imperial measurements in brackets.

Scoring tool, bone folder, pencil and ruler(if not using a score board)

Guillotine/paper trimmer/craft knife and scissors

A4 piece card stock and red super sticky tape ( can use wet glue if you prefer)

Place cardstock on scoreboard lengthways as per picture ( or mark out measurements with a pencil and ruler then score the lines with a scoring(embossing tool) ). and score lines down at 7cm, 14cm, 21, and 28 cm. (2.3/4″, 5.1/2″, 8.1/4″, and 11″)

Turn cardstock so the narrow scoreed edge A is at the top and score down at 7cm, 16cm and 18cm (2.3/4″, 6.1/4″ and 7″)

Using scissers, guilotine , paper trimmer or craft knife card off length ways at 18cm(7″) line and discard. Cut lengthways again at 16cm (6.1/42) and put strip to one side as will need later.


Taking your main piece with the narrow strip A to your left.  you need to cut down the score lines to the 7cm (2.3/4″ line)and cut away the narrow strip on the end – see picture beblow


Fold the cardstock at the fold lines using a bone folder or ruler, You want the top flaps folding to the right side of the card than the narrow tap on the left to the wrong side.

Place a strip of red super sticky tape down the narrow strip near to the cease line on the right side of the card. Then with the card wrong facing up, fold over  the narrow strip, remove the backing off the tape and bring up  other end of the card  (it should pretty much self  align) over the tab and stick in place.

IMAG0864 IMAG0865

You should now have you basic box shape.

IMAG0688I usually make the back of the box the side that has the tab stuck on as this will be then be hidden when the back panel (if having) is put in place. If not having a back panel make the side with the tab stuck down the front as then it won’t be seen.

To make the tabs take the strip of card you put to one side  (this already as the score lines on so it is pretty much already marked out for you)

If you have a look back at the template picture you will see the red shaded areas which over lap the the score lines by approx 1.5cm (3/4″ either side. You need to cut these out as marked and fold over the end tabs one to the right side and one to the wrong side to give you an Z shape

IMAG0689With the tabs folded down put some red super sticky tape on them


Now take your box and one of the tabs, remove the backing from one end of the tap and place it so end of the tap is against the back of the box and in line with the top


You can now remove the backing from the over end and stick in place as per picture above.

Repeat with the second tab this time from the front of the box.


And that is your basic box card completed.


Now it can’t have been that difficult as everyone in the group actually managed to get to this stage without any major catastrophes, even with using the super sticky tape.

All thats let to do now is to Decorate your box,

This is the hardest  part deciding how to decorate, but you can you up lots of scraps for this.

For the panels, I have found that if you want a double mat panel the following measurements work well.

Bottom panels – base mat 6.5cm x 8.5cm (2.5″ x 3.1/4″) top mat 6cm x 8cm (2.1/4″ x 3″)

top flap panels – base mat 6.5cm x 6.5cm (2.5″x 2.5″) top mat 6cm x 6cm ( 2.1/4″ x 2.1/4″)

Inside back panel  – base mat 6.5cm x 15.5cm (2.5″ x 6″) top mat 6cm x 15cm ( 2.1/4″ x 5.3/4″)

These measurements will leave a narrow border of your base card showing. This is just one idea for decorating your box card. there are many others, just use a single base mat panel or no panel, use your dies.

I actually let my group use my Craftworks 8″ x8″ paper pads and we found with careful cutting we could cut all the top mat layers from l page (I my be generous with my stash but there are limits lol)


Lisa, Irene and Margery all used the paper from the paper pads matted onto mirri board and are now all ready for embellishing next week.

Diane just delved into my scrap box for hers and as she will not be able to join us for the next couple of weeks wanted to crack on with hers so she could take it home ( but not before I took a photo this time ha)


Doesn’t it look fab, and all from just scraps with  a little ink around the edges. she was so engrossed she nearly (not quite though) forgot her cup cake.  I had a little play around with recipes this week and came up with “A coconut surprise”  Once I sort out what I actually did I will put the recipe up too


For the one I made for Lisa’s birthday I just used a gelli print from my stash for the panels with some die cuts



I have also used embossed cardstock (see craft room post 10th May for techniques) with a little gilding wax ( sorry had to use some somewhere)


The butterflies and dragonflies are stuck onto 1 cm wide acetate strips (again from bit box). Just fold and score about 1/2 a centimetre over at one end so you can stick the embellishment to it and stick the other end on the back tab making sure it is long enough to bend forward slightly so they can move and look like they are floating in the air

One last tip if you are wanting to add a greeting or give a voucher as well I add a strip or pocket to the back in matching card and make a matching tag for my greeting. For money or a voucher I just make it more of a pocket.



For lots of inspiration just go on the internet i.e.; Pintrest and enter Pop up box cards in the search tab

Have a go and have fun 🙂




  1. Lisa

    Really enjoyed making this, looking forward to making the embellishments. Love Diane’s box.card, the flowers are lovely. Your pop up box card is stunning 🙂 xx

  2. Reblogged this on Sassylady's craft blog..

  3. My little lady just got one of these cards this weekend. I am really liking them. They are next on my list of crafting ‘to do’s’!! Yours turned out so cute!


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