Gilding Wax – my new addiction

Towards the back end of last year gilding wax   was being mentioned on Craft blogs and a certain TV channel and the the brand being named was “Creative Expressions”.

Obviously I, like many crafters wanted to see for themselves what it was all about and purchased one or two to try. I must admit though that I was not impressed and wondered what the fuss was about. It was quite a hard consistency and I did not find it al that easy to use.  Into the drawer it went and that was that……… until a couple of other brands started to be mentioned and after watching a few demonstrations with these I decided to give it another go and bought a jar of Pebeo silver and Paperartsy’s Treasure gold in classic gold to try and  wow, what a difference.

Below is a picture showing the different Brands. Pebeo are the 2 jars on the left, Treasure Gold, the 4 on the right (yes it seems my collection is growing) and the Creative Expressions (dug out of the drawer) are the 3 at the front


Here I have smeared some of each onto black card just so you can see the basic effect


Now please note,  I am not an  expert, am not affiliated to  any particular brand or Company and the following is based purely my own preferences.

Lets start with the Pebeo gilding wax


I purchased mine from Crafters Companion, and they have a range of 3 colours – Classic gold (as per picture) Renaissance gold(sorry no pic but it is more a bronzy gold) and silver.

The Pebeo range are a professional range for use on furniture and home decor.  It has a very creamy consistency and a little goes a long way. It can be applied with the finger, but take care and dab your finger on your craft or glass mat before putting on your project.(practice on some scrap card first). Once applied it dries within half an hour and can be gently buffed to a shine. It does not need “fixing” or protecting. Verdict – Brilliant as  can use on pretty much anything,  but colour range limited.

Treasure Gold (by PaperArtsy)


can be purchased from The Craft Barn, and Country View Crafts.  There is an amazing range of colours. I have just treated myself to the Rose Quartz and Sapphire (so lush) and can’t wait to try out.This has a more mousse like consistency and again very easy to apply. This will need a coat of sealer if used on home decor projects but for cardmaking etc its fine.

Creative Expressions


I am sorry but having dug these out of my drawer to show you, they are now going back as they  are now even harder than they were and not easy to get any coverage as the colour swatch above shows. Say no more.

How can you use them? Let me show you a few samples I have been playing with


The background on this was stamped with Versamark and embossed with clear embossing powder to act as a resist. inked with distress inks and then gilded with Pebeo classic gold. see how it has only caught on the embossed areas. Loved this effect.


Sheena’s faux leather technique made into a passport cover with a bit of Pebeo classic gold to accent the embossed areas


Used on black and craft card after running through an embossing folder. Can just rub over lightly to catch the raised areas or can be more liberal and cover the card (remember if matting and layering you only need to cover the areas that will show – no need to gild the middle) Try laying a base layer of gold then adding silver in areas over the top. I really like the two tone effect, you can get it looking just like aged metal.


Again black and craft card, this time to make die cut embellishments.


This butterfly was cut from a dark pink cardstock and rubbed over with the wax so can still just see the colour of the card in places.

These are just a few ideas to start you off, there are so many applications that I haven’t even begun to think of yet ………

But a  little tip I have found useful – when finished using if there is still some gilding wax left on craft/glass mat, take a piece of scrap card and rub it onto that. I keep it handy until covered then use it to cut out embellishments (waste not want not)


To finish I would just like to show you my latest play with gilding wax. It will be my parents 55th wedding anniversary shortly and I just wanted to do something a little extra special, well 55 years together is quite an achievement don’t you think?


Now to play with those new colours, but I think I may need a green one too, but which green? too much choice

These are of course purely my own views and ideas and I thoroughly recommend that you get a pot of your own and just have a play, I am sure you will love it too

Thank you for reading and I hope you have found it of some interest.




  1. Lisa

    Great review Julie, very helpful and great tip for using the leftovers on your glass mat 🙂

  2. enjoyed reading this as it echoes my thoughts exactly. according to Sue Wilson and Hels Sheridan if you add a few drops of white spirit or blending solution the cosmic shimmer ones become softer. i’ve tried and nothing happened. maybe i didn’t put enough. but now i’m going for treasured gold and i have all 3 pebeo ones xx

    • Lisa

      Me too Theresa, I only bought one cosmic shimmer wax to try but don’t like it. I have the pebeo renaissance gold, love it and of course I’m allowed to use Julie’s in class, you use so little it’s fab x

  3. Linda Page

    Hi Julie, this info is invaluable..I was just chatting to Lisa so she tagged me here..ask her to explain.. these are all fantastic. Viva decor do so e beautiful colours and I think its a bit moussey like going to try it out and will let Lisa know via fb.

    Crafty hugs Linda P xx

    • Thanks Linda, I have just had a look on Cuddly Buddly’s web site as I know they sell Viva Decor products. Is it their Inka Gold range? not seen this before . The colour range does look good AND amazingly it says that it is a water based product so that you can use as a paint with water brush too. There are a couple of videos on the web site when you click through to the product which may be of interest too. This is certainly something to have a play with. Thanks again Linda xx
      ps link to site if it works –

      • Lisa

        Very interesting videos, thanks for the link 🙂

  4. Thank you for the great information. I have bought and used one by Pinflair called Buff-it which is lovely to use. I have heard that the Inka Gold is nice to use but can go mouldy on top and it is thought to be caused by bacteria from fingers!! It is still useable but just be aware of the possible mould 🙂

  5. Maura

    Thanks for the info and photo’s. To date have only used Inka Gold in 4 different colours but yes it odes go mouldy and it also goes hard and I now have 4 half used jars that are unusable. Very disappointing.

    • Thank you for your comments regarding the Inca gold. I have been using the same jars of the Treasure gold and the Pebeo wax as in the the photos from my post and all still strong.

      • Maura

        That’s good to know – will google both those options and see what is available. Looking forward to continuing gilding 🙂

  6. June

    Is it personal preference to use fingers to apply guilding wax or is there other means of applying the wax ?

    • it does tend to be a personal preference. depends on what I am using it for but usually end up using fingers as I find it easier and use brushes for fine details (I keep a fine brush especially for gilding wax and dont wash out after. leave to dry and just brushes out).
      You can wear latex gloves, use brushes (as above), cut and dry foam, kitchen towel or piece of cloth. Basically just use what you have to hand and play xx

      • June

        Many thanx really helpful, l don’t find it easy at the moment can’t seem to get the correct amount too heavy handed l think, practise l think x

  7. try tapping excess off first onto craft mat, x

  8. June

    Thanx Julie, having read your post on creative expressions, l may have purchased wrongly, it’s so hard, wondered if l could soften them some way ? Will have a play thank you

  9. Coral Barton

    There were duff batches of the creative expressions gilding waxes which were very hard. They replaced them immedately if you contacted them, my replacements were much softer. Sounds like you have some duff ones, try contacting them. I use mine on loads of things and would recomnend them 🙂

    • Hi Coral, thank you for your comment, that is good to know now. I did write this post back in May 2014 and things have moved on a lot since then, I know Creative expressions and other companies have brought out newer and better versions of their gilding waxes and creams now and I really need to do an update, though I still have not found one to better the Pebeo waxes. Even now 2 years on I am still using the same jars and are still as good. We all have are own favorites though and it’s good to gear other people’s views and preferences so thanks again for taking the time to comnent xx

  10. Pat Jones

    I have just tried to use my creative expressions guilding waxes , and they are all very dry, I had them all changed last year but still nit happy with them, I have some imagination crafts waxes and they are very good Pat Jones

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