In The Craft Room 17th May 2014 – Sheena’s Faux Leather revisited

 Lisa’s choice this week  and so we get to have another play with Sheena’s “Faux Leather” technique.

We spent a few Saturdays in April playing with this technique ,  making note books and playing around with other ideas of using it ( here is a link to my tutorial on how to make a passport cover)



and  as  they now had ideas of what they wanted to make with it they wanted another go . They have also  seen what  a little gilding wax can do to the finished look and wanted to have a play with that too

Here are the links  to Sheena’s you tube videos  part one   and  part two  if you would like to give it a try.

Jackie and Diane had a couple of pieces that were half finished from our last session. We had experimented a bit with another tip from Sheena (This and other tips and techniques are  on her “Taste of India” DVD)  painting on  a base colour wash using watered down acrylic paint. This is especially  good if you are going to be doing a larger piece like an A4 sheet  as it would  use  more ink  on the A4.


This Is an A4 piece which Jackie is in the process of completing. she has used a Acrylic colour wash as the base, then it was embossed and left to dry. Now she has added  distress inks and gilding wax to accent the leaves. This is now just waiting for its coat of “Spray and Shine” . Jackie also completed a A5 piece which she backed with material and has taken home to finish as it is going to be a “Gardening journal” for her Mum, which is why I have no picture ( it was lovely too). I really am going to have to try harder to take pictures of their work. Its just not easy when trying to keep an eye on who is using the guillotine, the embossing machine,watching what they are doing with the  glue etc ( you may laugh, but after last week……..) . by the time I realise they have packed away and are disappearing out the door.

Diane managed to leave too without  my taking photos and she had done a couple of lovely pieces in blues for notebooks. She had also  asked if it was possible to  stamp onto the finished piece as she wanted to add some wording onto the front  So we had a go  with Archival ink onto the finished faux leather (that is after the spray and shine coating) Here is the piece we experimented with


Worked a treat, this was using one of Clarity’s new “word chain” stamps

Irene who joined us for the first time last week came back for more and was duely initiated into the art of “Faux Leather”, Sheena style. She  had a lovely inky, sticky gluey time. and just to finish off I  showed  her what she could to with a spellbinder die, a bit of scrap card and gilding wax


How good is that and that was a first attempt. You really should have a go at this if you haven’t already,

Lisa has a couple of card commissions and wanted to do something a bit different. She had seen my faux leather experiment using black card instead of craft card  and yes, gilding wax and decided to give it a go



Sorry not the best of photos but it shows that it does work. In this instance the gilding wax was applied before the spray and shine, but it if using Pebeo gilding wax you can also add after too. (I will explain a bit more about that in another post.)

Lisa had also had her eye on Sheena’s tiger stripe embossing folder from her “Taste of India” range and had to have a go with that too


Yes the orange fabric is going to be the lining and will be trimmed off, but wow love those colours.

It was, I must say a LOT less “stressful” this week, maybe just one or two moments, but on the whole  a more relaxed? session, I even had chance to do a piece of my own to cover a 6″ x 8″ artist sketch pad I had found whilst tidying


This was made using an 8″ x 8” Embossalicious range from Crafters Companiion


In the midst of all this activity they still managed to find the time (just) to have their tea/coffee and cup cakes. This week I reverted back to an old favourite, Strawberry milk shake cup cakes , from The Hummingbird Bakery “Home Sweet Home” cook book, deelish.



Next week we are making “pop up” box cards (Margery’s choice) and I will include a template to make one from an A4 sheet of card and step by step instructions- It is very simple though.

I will also try and do a separate post to discuss (why I have now become addicted to)  gilding wax .

Thank you for reading, till next time





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  1. Lisa

    Loved this crafty session, one of my favourite techniques. Love your notebook cover x x

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