Passport Cover Tutorial using Faux Leather (Sheena style)

As promised here is the tutorial for the passport cover I made using “f’leather ( A faux leather technique using craft card and glycerine by Sheena Douglas)

 (the link to Sheena’s you tube video part one is here if you need it, along with  part part two )




Step 1

Take an A4 piece of of craft card that you have treated to the faux leather technique (video part one)  and lined with material (video part 2) The links to the videos which show you how to do this are above.


If you have not tried this technique before have a practice on an A5 piece first to get the hang of it. Be warned though, it can be addictive .


Step 2

Measure the length of your passport (I think they are all pretty standard in size but better to be safe) mine is 5″ (12.5cm) then add 1/2″ (1.5cm) allowance and cut  a peice length ways 5.5″(14cms) wide . I used a guillotine but you can mark and cut with scissors if you prefer

IMAG0778Step 3

Take your larger piece and fold in half  and score to give you a good fold. It will “wear” the “f’leather” slightly but it just makes it more authentic. Open out and place your passport with the spine on the fold line. open out your passport and taking the left edge over , fold and score


Keeping the left edge folded over, close your passport and then fold taking the right edge fold over and score. this will ensure you have enough give when your passport is closed.


with both the folds in place just check that its all fits nicely.



Step 4

Take your sewing machine (it doesn’t need to be anything fancy, mine is nearly 30 years old but works fine enough for this) and set it up for straight stitching using a leather needle if you have one  (I didn’t , but managed with an ordinary one. it just needed a little help over the double thickness parts)

Remove your passport and working from  the inside put the bottom edge of your cover in the sewing machine and sew all the way down the edge leaving narrow border of about 1/4 ” (3 mm)


Put your passport back in just to check you have enough allowance left to run your top edge of stitching,


Remove passport again and run a line of stitching down the top edge. Your passport should now fit snugly and the pockets are also handy to hold tickets etc too.


You can leave it there, but waste not want not as they say. You still have a strip left which you can make into a fastening strip if you wish.

Take your strip and cut it to the width you want, mine is 1.5″ (3.75cm).


With the right edge of the strip at the right edge of the front of the cover, wrap the strip round to the left and back over the front from the right, mark where you want it to end ( i went for the middle ) and cut off the excess.

Sorry I forgot to take a photo of this bit, but if you look at the picture of the finished cover I think you should get the idea.

I then rounded the corners off and sewed a border all round the edge of the strip. I just thought it made it look more authentic.


Place the strip in the middle of the cover so one edge is at the right hand edge of the front, then you can either mark the position or just hold in place while you sew the strip  in place from the inside just to the right of the centre fold. This just keeps the stitches to the back.


Now All you need to do is add your fastening. I used a pop fastener on mine but if you dont have any (and they can be quite fiddly, as I found out) Velcro would make a very good alternative.

And finally just  to finish mine off I had to get the Pebeo gilding wax ( love this stuff)  out and add a little touch here and there.








  1. Unknown-Blogger

    Love this idea! Its great! Thank you.

  2. Lisa

    Fan-blooming tastic , love this 🙂


  1. The Craft Room 16th May 2015 – Our faux leather addiction continues | Julie's Craft Room

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