In The Craft Room 3rd May 2014 – Stencil techniques

 This month we are having a members choice month.

Last week I asked each of the group to choose a topic/theme that they would like to do and we had a draw to sort which week we would be doing what. Diane drew week 1 and her chosen topic was Stencils.


Do any of you remember using a light box with stencils and an embossing tool?  I nearly got mine out and made them have a go, things have changed a bit since then.thankfully.

There are so many techniques and mediums you can use with stencils now, which I will introduce the group to later, but for now I thought I would keep it simple and showed them a few samples I had run up  to start them off.

Having an embossing machine makes things a lot easier and I showed them how just by attaching a piece of card to the stencil (I used a 7″ x 7″ piece of 200gsm card, same size as the stencil) with low tack tape just to the top  of the stencil and the back of the card, This then acts as a hinge, you can then just run it though the machine to get an embossed image.

I have a Grand Calibur machine so the sandwich for this as follows, – Base plate, stencil, card, rubber mat, pink embossing plate.

Once embossed you leave the stencil in place and colour the image with your inks, paints , pens etc


A Sizzix bigz bow and some punch outs to to finish

To take this a step further if you take your card and stencil attached as before,  open it out and cover the card with a piece of copy paper to keep clean, and take a versa-mark or other embossing ink pad and dab it all over the stencil, fold the card back over and run through the embossing machine as before. Carefully remove the stencil and cover the card with embossing powder, shake off excess and heat with a heat gun. This now gives you a resist stencil outline. You can either replace the stencil to colour or just colour over the resist. It really depends on what you will be using.


This next technique is one I have seen being used by Barbara Gray of Clarity Stamps  but which can be adapted for other mediums too.

Attach card and stencil and open out as before, but this time using a brayer and Adirondack ink cover the stencil with the ink, fold the card back in place. This time we are going to run it through the embossing machine  flat and not emboss the image so the sandwich for this is – base plate, card with stencil on top then the white cutting mat (you may need a card shim too as the tighter the fit the darker the inked image). Keep the stencil in place and colour in your image. In Barbara’s demo, she used an embossing pen and mica powders, but you can of course use use what ever you have to hand. I have yet to have a go with Gelatos and pan pastels.


Well there I have given them a few ideas to start them off, now it is their turn to play


IMAG0793 IMAG0792

Both Jackie and Margery decided to have a go with the rose stencil (by Clarity Stamps) As it is often difficult to find matching card to matt and layer, I suggested that they just use a piece of white and just ink around the edge with the same colour ink as the rose , perfect match. We did a similar thing with the card for the bows too. By inking up 2 pieces of scrap white card with colours used on the stencil and then over stencilling a pattern in the same colour give a lovely effect for making the bows. some punch outs from the waste to accent and job done.


 Coffee break, and this week they were treated to chocolate and strawberry cup cakes with fresh strawberries on top, but alas I forgot to take a photo before I put the plate out and by the time I found my phone to take a picture  they had disappeared, so I took one of them instead demolishing the cakes.

This was a new recipe I had come up with and it seemed to go down rather well so I will sort a recipe out shortly and put it on my recipe page for you to try too.

Jackie then wanted to  to use the Chrysanthemum and butterfly stencil together  ( both from  Clarity).


This was achieved by fixing the chrysanthemum stencil to the card and colouring first. We then put the butterfly inner in place and carefully keeping it in position ran it through the embossing machine so we got a raised image of the butterfly and by putting the outer butterfly in place as well Jackie was able to colour just the butterfly image. It worked really well don’t you think?

Lisa decided to have try using the embossing powder technique,  firstly with the poppy stencil and then with the Chrysanthemum stencil (Yes Clarity again)

 IMAG0799 IMAG0798

Same technique but two totally different looks, and both fab, but that chrysanthemum stencil is gorgeous.

Diane, who chose this session just quietly had  a play with all the techniques producing  some rather interesting results

IMAG0797 IMAG0796

The fan stencil is not Clarity but the others are.

And also managed to  make one into a card too


The moral is less talking gets more done, lol

As you may have gathered by now most (99%) of the stencils used this afternoon are by Clarity Stamps, who now have a really good range which they seem to be adding to on a daily basis. I do have other stencils but it was the Clarity ones which proved the most popular.

Just one thing to watch out for with the newer Clarity stencils. They have lettering etc  on the bottom so you just need to be careful which side you are embossing or this will happen


Well someone has to make the mistake so others don’t. Luckily I did this before our craft session and was able to mention it to the group before they started their work,  though I  am sure I spotted  lettering on the bottom of someone’s work before it was carefully trimmed.


Margery also had a go at with the embossing powder technique using the trees stencil and silver embossing powder, then inking through with greens and blues, it was looking good too , but I didn’t get chance to photograph it before she left ( will try for next week )

And finally Had had to show you this one which Jenna had quietly been working on all afternoon.

Using the Clarity Madaleine stencil and braying it with black Adirondack ink she was able to produce an image she was able tangle, and then colour with Spectrum Noir pens


Amazing isn’t it?


Next week its Jackie’s choice, which is embossing folders, so I think there will be some of Sheena Doulass’s techniques being played with there along with her new embossing folders which I just happen to have acquired. 🙂

Thank you for visiting, have a good week





1 Comment

  1. Lisa

    Love working with stencils, especially with the clarity ones. My fingers looked very colourful after this session but thats half the fun, thanks Julie 🙂

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