In The Craft Room 26th April 2014 – Sheena Style the finale

 This should be our final session  playing with  Sheena Douglass’s  techniques but……..

 Have you seen her new “Taste of India” range of stamps and embossing folders? and all the new techniques to go with them.

Sheena’s new range was on Create & Craft during their birthday celebrations as the “four day Deal” which also meant that she had quite a few shows. This was great if you recorded them as you could fast forward the selling speile at the beginning and get to her demos which were really good as she went through lots of techniques new and old. One of the items on the show which Sheena mentioned, and used a lot was the Pebeo gilding wax (which is actually more like a cream and a little goes a long way), and one of the things she kept mentioning was the fact that it did not need a sealer as it is a furniture quality wax, once it has dried it is permanent.

This got me thinking so out came  an A4 piece of “f”leather” that I had made a while a go and applied some of the gilding wax and wow it really brought out the embossing.



Then it was a case of what could I make with it?  light bulb moment,


Yes a passport cover (ok  not earth shatteringly exciting , but still very useful) and very easy to make.

I will post a separate  step by step tutorial to show you how very shortly. but for now,  back to this afternoons


We were, by popular demand going to carry on with the “F’leather” technique   this week, including the new techniques that Sheena has been playing with, along with a couple that I have been playing with too.

(the link to Sheena’s you tube video part one is here if you need it, along with  part part two )

So,  we get to the embossing stage of the “f”leather” making process  where the card then had to be left to dry and his is where I make the mistake of saying “what would you like to do now?” They had seen what I had been playing with earlier this morning, which was another of Sheena’s card techniques using her new stamp range.



Now some of you may know that I love using acetate and have played around before with alcohol inks and acetate. Sheena’s technique makes it  even easier as you can use items you may already have in your craft stash, so I thought I would give it a go.

Take a piece of heat resistant acetate and a few alcohol pens (pro=markers, Spectrum Noirs, etc) and just scribble blocks of colour onto the acetate.

It is best to place the acetate onto a piece of  scrap white card or paper so that you can see what you are doing on the acetate.

Using a stencil brush( or sponge) dab blending solution over the ink on the acetate an you will see it all start to move.


(Sheena mentions that if you do not have blending solution to hand , that nail polish remover will do the same job, just be careful, we tried this and it did work, it just took a lot longer to dry).

Waft it dry with a heat gun and turn it over.

We had our coffee break at this stage as we were trying out the nail varnish remover which, even with wafting with the heat gun was still taking time to dry.

It was an all time favourite cup cake recipe this week Raspberry ripple , the recipe is on my cupcake recipe page if you would like to try it. (just don’t tell them I forgot to get white chocolate when shopping so had to omit it from the icing – they didn’t notice)



Wipe over acetate with an anti-static bag  and carefully stamp your image onto the acetate with Versa-mark or other embossing ink.

Sprinkle on black embossing powder, tap off excess and using your heat gun carefully melt the powder taking care not to over heat.

Depending on the image you stamped you can turn the acetate back over to the back and remove colour from any the areas you don’t want colour by using a blender pen (Spectrum Noir, Pro markers etc) or a cotton bud dipped in blending solution of nail varnish remover will work too. Just remove a little at a time and dab over with a bit of kitchen roll or it will just dry on the acetate. You will see in the pictures of the groups work below where this has been done.

Mat the acetate onto white card. The size of the acetate we used is 6″ square so the white card was cut to 61/4″. We fixed ours with brads.

If you don’t have any brads I fake them  by fixing the acetate to the white card using a small sticky pad in the same place the brad would have gone and then punching  out some small rounds  with a hole punch  from scrap card (if you don’t have the colour you want just colour some white to match your card) Place the little rounds reverse side up on a mouse mat of phone directory will do and just using  round embossing tool rub each one in a circular motion and this will just concave them slightly. Then just glue in place on the acetate where you used the sticky pads and no one will no the difference.

Mat again onto contrast colour card-stock  (we used black) size 61/2 ” with DS tape or wet glue (which ever you use)

Stamp out your sentiment on white card (we used embossing ink and powder on our cards), a bit of distress ink around the edges and mat onto a piece contrasting card-stock. We then fixed ours in place with foam pads give a little dimension.

The sizes we have used above fits perfectly onto a 7″ square card and will also look good on an 8″ square too.

Here you can see what our group managed to achieve using this technique.

Jackie and Diane both went for Sheena’s seaside “A little bit scenic  ” stamp sets


Here Jackie  has used the blender pen on the lighthouse  to make stand out with the white back ground and if using more than one stamp for your main image like Diane has done, you need to stamp and emboss them one at a time and build the image up. If you try to stamp them all in one go you could get in a mess as you can’t see where you have already stamped. Fab aren’t they ? and another lovely stamp set.

Margery and Lisa both went for the new “Taste of India” stamp sets

IMAG0755 IMAG0758

Margery has extended the main stamped image using the dotty swirl that is also part of the stamp set and has blended the ink out from the back of the flower petals to make them stand out more. Amazing. And Lisa, she had to use the tiger stamp, isn’t he gorgeous, and chose the colours for her background to match him perfectly. she has also stamped and cut out the leaf that is part of the set too as extra embellishments. Stunning is the word I think for this one.

So I think it is a big thank you to Sheena for a really fun crafty afty and we will be certainly trying out some more of her fabulous techniques as there is so much we have not yet had time to play with, in fact I think we may be revisiting in a couple of weeks, as……

This may be against my better judgement, but I have given all the girls their chance to choose what we will be doing on the Saturdays during May, so this is our schedule for May

May 3rd – Stencils, I will be looking to Clarity Stamps and Barbara Gray I think for inspiration for this one. (Diane’s Choice)

May 1oth – Embossing folders, this will be another Sheena style I think – so many techniques to try (Jackie’s choice)

May 17th – F’leather revisited, finishing what we started today and maybe making up a few passport covers? (Lisa’s choice)

May 24th – Pop up boxes, I have had a step by step for these ready to blog for a while now, but had to keep under wraps until after Lisa’s birthday (and keep the rest of the group shhhh,) as the main example was Lisa’s birthday card. (Margery’s choice)

May 31st – ?????? surprise

Also just to say this the above technique will obviously work with any stamps you have in your stash, I had a bit of a play afterwards using some of Indigo blu’s and Imagination crafts. just have a go with what you have.


IMAG0760 IMAG0765





  1. Lisa

    A message from Jackie, “I’m keeping an eye on you Julie Wheatman” lol

  2. Lisa

    Such a fab crafty afty, definitely one of my favourite techniques 🙂

  3. Great tag, love the bookshelf stamp and fab quote too! xx

  4. I’ll wait patiently for the passport cover, it looks great! I’ll have try the wax too. Cuz, yes, I’m addicted to this faux leather process as well!

    • Passport cover tutorial now published, hope its ok and you have to try the gilding wax, it makes all the difference.

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