In The Craft Room 12th April 2014 – Sheena Style part two

 This week  we carrying on with  Sheena Douglas’s  “faux leather” technique with part two – making our sheets of “f’leather” into note books




In the first video (stage 1 ) Sheena explained about  everything thing needed and demonstrated how to “f’leather” your craft card (the link to Sheena’s you tube video part one is here if you need it)

In her second video Sheena shows how to turn your piece of A5 “f’leathered card into a lovely hand sewn note book that would make a lovely gift. As last week I am just going to give the link to her you  tube video to let Sheena show you in her own words, instead of me try to explain it .

Here’s how our group got on

IMAG0739 IMAG0737 IMAG0736 IMAG0741

Margery, Diane, Jackie and Lisa  all managed to complete their note books with only a few “minor ” issues with the glue, but don’t they look fab. No one would know that there were made out of a piece of craft card.

I also showed them  how Sheena’s button fastener finishes them off nicely too.


And yes my button is a lobster (ok I will admit that my button box is not one of the best, but it made my point)  You can of course  use any 2/4 hole button you wish .

Spurred on by this success the girls wanted to crack on and cover their Zentangle Journals with the A4 piece they had also made last week.  This is the same technique as the note nooks only using the cover of the journal instead of material.

The first step was to  carefully detach the journal cover from the journal. Next it was out with the glue again, using the same technique as with the material, making sure the edges were well covered. Allow to dry then trim off any excess card from the journal cover. Then the best bit punching the holes through the original journal cover holes and through the “f’leather” and finally just re-attaching the cover back onto the journal, simple!

IMAG0740 IMAG0735 IMAG0743

Margery, Jackie and Lisa journal books which were originally  A4 artist pads were 99p from “the Works. They look a bit more expensive now don’t they?  Each one is an original and what a great present for someone arty.

Again please click on the pictures to enlarge as the small images here do not do their work justice.

Diane who had to leave early last week was able to get her A4 piece finished today. I know I keep saying this but how different do they all look.


The girls still managed to find time to have their cup cake break , another favourite this week Orange and walnut, the recipe is on my cupcake recipe page if you would like to try it.



Sheena’s faux leather technique is one that you can keep playing with , finding different colour combos, designs and uses, It is also very addictive, you have been warned, you too can end up with pieces of “f’leather ” hanging all round the house drying.

Next week is Easter week end so I am giving the group next Saturday Afternoon off, but they will be back the Saturday after that  and have unanimously decided that they want carry on playing with this technique.

So I will say a big thank you to Sheena Douglas for showing us how to “f’leather”  and to also wish

IMAG0729 on Sunday






  1. Beautifully stunning covers, I keep meaning to have a go at this technique! Have the kraft card, embossing folders but no spray and shine yet!
    Lynn x

  2. Lisa

    Loved doing this Julie, can’t wait to have another go. Thanks also for the Birthday wishes, love my card xx

    Ps. There’s always time for your cupcakes 🙂

  3. Linda Page

    These are fantastic

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