In the Craft Room 8th February 2014 – all things Clarity – Progress?

Week 2 of our “All things Clarity” month and we have (I hope) made some progress.

My package arrived  from Clarity Stamps in plenty of time for the weeks session so we had a few more corners to play with in our first challenge of the afternoon – Pattern building

Last week we were a bit short on stamps but still had a go, finding it harder then we thought, so I decided that it would be a good idea to spend the first half hour each week this month practising this skill. This technique not only show you what you can do with a corner stamp but I think it is also very good for learning the basic skills of stamping – positioning  and stamping a clean image.

As you can see by the montage picture of our practice sheets we are starting to get the hang of now, next week I will be (hopefully) getting the girls to stamp an actual sentiment piece for a card.IMAG0532

Doing this has already inspired me to look at my  own collection of stamps with the idea of using them in different ways. If you can use a corner stamp to make boxes, frames, backgrounds etc surely you can do this with other types of  stamp too.

I made this a little difficult for myself by picking two of my old favourite heart stamps which just happen to be wood mounted (not exactly the Clarity way but they are lovely stamps) Luckily the picture on the wood mounts are pretty accurate, size and position wise, and I was able to see the point of the heart when positioning too. So I had a play at pattern building and these are the results

IMAG0538 IMAG0537

Sorry I have digressed slightly, back to the rest of our crafty afty.

As well as the corner stamps I had also ordered another stamp set from Clarity Stamps for the girls play with this afternoon while they got to grips with the brayer.


You can see why this is this is one of the top selling stamp sets at Clarity Stamps, so many uses, it is a beautiful set (The birdhouse clear stamp kit – Lesson 18) and girls thought so too. I think a couple of them will treating themselves to it very soon.

As Barbara showed in the  Create and Craft classroom tutorial , lesson 18 (all the tutorials can be accessed on the Create and Craft web site) it can also depend on the type of card you use as to the final result. In her lesson she show the difference between using ordinary card stock and coated card stock. I wanted the girls to see this too so I had a go using both types  before our craft session  so that they could see the difference  too.

IMAG0529 IMAG0528

 The one on the left was stamped using ordinary card stock and the one on the right is coated card stock. Dye based ink will soak into non coated card  hence the faded look and sits on coated card so you get a vibrant  image.  As you can also see the final result will also depend on the colour you choose to brayer on the background.

So following Barbara’s lesson took an A5 piece of card masked off the the border around all the edges stamped out the images using  a black Adirondack ink pad (blotting and plotting as instructed). We then wiped off the ink from the masking tape and left to dry while we had a break for tea and cake.


Strawberry and vanilla cupcakes this week ( the recipe is on my cupcake recipe page if you would like to try)

Next it was time for brayering and this week we are also using the splodge mats too. Now this is where we had a few problems. They had a few practice goes to get the hang of loading the ink onto the brayer using the the splodge mat ( explained about keeping the left side ( as all right handed) of the brayer clear of ink (they learnt how to do wheelies last week)) so far so good.

I showed them how to start in the top left corner and to traverse diagonally across, fine, but then “oh no” the black ink from the stamped images was transferring to the brayer and spoilt the image. When I did the samples I had stamped the images last night and finished brayering them this morning before class.

Lesson 1, learn to be more patient and let ink dry fully before brayering. Obviously because the ink is on coated card stock it will be slower drying because it doesn’t soak into the card. It was also a new ink pad so will have been very juicy too. We live and learn.

Jackie, Diane, and Lisa all  managed the brayering successfully in the end and went on to complete their first piece of art work  by the end of session. Although Lisa has had her brayer and splodge mat for a while this is the first time she has really had a go at brayering, (like me not since we attended Barbara’s breakfast Class at Harrogate last March). Now its just a case of learning when to stop.

This is what these sessions are all about, being able to actually  play, experiment and make mistakes(discoveries)  with all the different techniques and tools etc that are out there. You see something being demonstrated and think wow I have got to try that, buy everything you need and then don’t have the confidence to use it. How many of us (I include myself in this) have done that. Jackie and Diane have now both bought a brayer and a splodge mat and will hopefully after the end of this month continue to use them in their crafting. Diane definitely seems to have a flair for it.

Here are Jackie and Diane’s finished pieces.

IMAG0525 IMAG0535 Lovely

Thank you for reading.


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