In the Craft room 25th January 2014 – Hels Sheriden inspired word plaque – part 3 – The Finale

This month, as those of you who have been following my blog will know, we have been working on our word plaques.

I wanted to start the year with the group doing something a little bit different and this has certainly been different for them. It has taken them out of their comfort zones and made them have to think about colour, texture layouts and embellishments.

Before I go any further I would just like to say a big thank you to Hels Sheriden, as it was going to one of her workshops ( at Craftique, Hessle) in December that inspired me to come up with this project for the group to do. When I heard Hels say how she picks one word for the year to inspire her work, I thought it would be a great idea for the group to have a go at a word plaque,  picking a word to help get them through 2014.

It has been a challenge for them and for me, but thanks to the techniques I learnt at Hel’s workshop, mixed with a few others I have picked up along the way and one or two of my own thrown in, I think we have managed it rather well. Most have now finished with the exception of Diane, who had to work a second Saturday in a row (holiday cover) and Lisa, which was expected, lol. Now Lisa has taken her work home and has promised me a picture when completed. (just a reminder Lisa, when you read this, I need a picture please)

As this is supposed to be the big reveal of everyone’s work I can at least remind you of what Lisa is working on. The colours she has used have worked really well  and I love that Indigoblo stamp. I cannot wait to see it finished


Diane, although she has not been able to work on it for the last 2 weeks just has to finalise her layout and finish off with embellishments. Again I love the colours she has used and the stencils she has used in her background work so well.


Now the finished ones, Jackie first. I think Jackie was the one most out of her comfort zone, embellishments are not her thing and normally goes for clean and simple, which is fine, but not for this project, so this was a big ask, and I think she  has answered very well. I just need to convince her that the silver chain and the flower really do work.


Next up is Margery’s , again not used to doing things like this, but has admitted to enjoying doing it. She even had a root round at home to find some things she could use as embellishments, bringing tassels, cord and a lovely butterfly broach which fitted her scheme really well. I also showed her how after dipping the butterfly die cuts in clear UTEE that be reheating them on a craft mat you can sprinkle detail embossing powders and mica powders over them, reheat to melt in and can get some amazing results. ( you can do with any items you have dipped and it gets rid of any excess UTEE too)  I am not sure if if you can see but the butterflies in the top right corner and on the left side were done using this technique.


Now its Jenna’s turn. What can I say? she has even managed to bring zentangling into this project too. She took a picture of a kingfisher she had zentangled, which we then scanned into the computer resized and printed onto tissue paper (you have to tape the tissue paper onto copy paper, but it does work). This was then incorporated into her project using the hot wax. A twig from the garden, kebab sticks, UTEE embellishments. This was thinking outside the box. Brilliant . Jenna became addicted to zentangle about 5 months a go now and her work is pretty amazing if you would like to see more of her art work here is a link to her blog.


And to finish the reveal here is my word plaque too, which will be going in the craft room to remind everyone just what they have come to do


I hope you like all our efforts, we would love to here your comments or if you have any questions about how anything was done.

And finally, we had Cherry cupcakes with Amaretto butter cream this week, very nice, not quite to healthy, but I think they deserved a treat, well done Ladies

IMAG0487 Recipe on my recipe page if you would like to try.

Thank you for reading



  1. Lisa

    I used to be indecisive but now I’m not so sure – I don’t do rushed lol. I get there in the end 🙂

  2. and the end result is worth the wait 🙂

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