In the Craft room 18th January 2014 – Hels Sheridan inspired word plaque – part 2 – Embellishments

This week  we are continuing with the word plaques we started last week.

The first job was to get the sides of the canvases and letter squares painted. I suggested to the girls that they picked the darkest paint colour that they had used on the canvas background and  showed them how to use some cut and dry foam to literally just wipe the paint over the sides of the canvas (this was how Hels showed us when at her workshop in Hessle just before Christmas). You dont need much paint and  make sure you have the canvas front facing away from you (just in case of accidents – as per Hels)  It dries really quickly and you can just wash the cut and dry foam out under the tap and dry out, ready to re use.


Next, the letters squares were stuck onto the canvases with a hot glue gun and the canvases put to one side.

Now it was play time, I  showed  them a few different embellishment techniques that I had picked up using the hot glue gun and also showed them a few things they could do with the melt pot and UTEE. Then it was time let them loose to experiment for the afternoon


By holding the glue gun so the nozzle is straight (vertically) just squeeze the trigger and keep the nozzle moving with a circular motion, on to a non stick craft mat,  and you get glue dots, which once dry you can dust with  Perfect Pearl shimmer powders or similar, I used pearl here but you can you any colour to match in with your work.

You can also fill silicone molds with the hot glue just like UTEE and I have also tried it on the texture treads too. Modge Podge have now brought out their own special (extra long) glue sticks to do this  in clear and white (which can be painted etc).  So f you don’t have a melt pot you can still make your own molded embellishments. Also with the hot glue ones, once dry  any strings or knobbly bits can be cut away with scissors as it stays flexible, it doesn’t go  brittle like UTEE.

IMAG0478As well as pouring UTEE into molds and onto texture treads I also showed how to dip paper/card die cuts in the UTEE to get a porcelain effect

Here are some more peaks at their canvases this time showing them with some of the embellishments they have made so far. I promise I will show all the finished plaques next week.



This is Margery’s, the top picture shows a UTEE rose with a hot glue butterfly coloured with a metallic Pro marker. The bottom picture again showing hot glue embellishments coloured with the metallic Pro markers.



Jackie has Utee hearts accented with gilding wax and a hot glued key. She has also used the hot glue gun to make some Zs dusted with a blue perfect pearl powder.

IMAG0467IMAG0469As you can see Jenna has really got the hang of Embellishing. In the top picture you can see where she has  wound a long triangular strip of paper onto the end of a cocktail stick (just like making paper beads), dipped into UTEE and then when cool wrapped wire around to hide the joins, she has also used a feather die cut dragged through the UTEE.. In the bottom picture she has used the hot glue gun to make some glue dots and fill a border mold  to make a reed head. Jenna has actually finished her plaque but you will have to wait until next week when it will be revealed with the others. It looks good though doesn’t it?


Lisa is still a bit behind, but at least I managed to get a picture this week, worth the wait though,and as poor Diane had to work this week, they are both now at the same stage, but will hopefully still get them finished next week.

In order to show examples of different techniques and styles I have had to make two plaques, one I have now finished but again will not reveal in full until next week, but I will show you a peak.


As you can see I may have got a little carried away with the hot glue dots but they do look good.

IMAG0480and my paper rose dipped in UTEE has found a home too.

And finally, still trying to keep the healthy(ish) theme going with the cup cakes, this week I came up with orange and walnut (Lisa doesn’t like coffee so I had to adapt) IMAG0484As they disappeared rather quickly I am presuming they were ok

The recipe is on my recipe page if you would like to try.

Thank you for reading.


1 Comment

  1. Lisa

    Great fun with the beeswax this week, lots to think about for embellishments. Loving the glue dots and utee covered paper roses and cocktail sticks think I’ll have a go at that.

    Ps. Lovely buns thanks for not adding coffee flavouring x

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