Quick Candle Stamping Tutorial (follow up to ‘in the craft room 23 Nov 2013’)

Tutorial as promised on main blog post from the Craft room 23 November 2013

Materials used – Candle, white tissue paper A5 piece card for mask, grease proof paper, scrap paper, black soot distress ink, Iced spruce distress ink( any dark dye based inks will do) red Sharpie pen. Tools – heat gun stencil brush/cut and dry foam

This technique is one that I have learned from Barbara Gray of Clarity Stamps through her tutorials, DVDs and lessons on Create and Craft, if you want to get into stamping this is one lady to watch.

Cut out a mask from the card ( I used a spellbinder die but you could draw your own) and place over a piece of white tissue paper, tape in place to keep from moving


Tear a piece of paper to use as a mask for the hills, and working with the tree indents mask off the first hill from the first indent to the base of the tree, ink up your brush/foam, dab off excess  and lightly sweep the ink from the paper mask over the area. It will hardly be noticeable so be careful not to over do it. You are just looking for a hint of colour

IMAG0357 alternating sides with the hills work up the tree to the top



Pick a hill part way up the tree and mask off the bottom in line with the hill and using a tree stamp and the same ink stamp in the trees. I stamp the first image and then just kept stampng around it without reinking until there was no ink left and then to the same to the other side

IMAG0359IMAG0360Ink up the little image stamp, I used the snowman from Clarity’s xmas miniatures, with the same ink and then I just used the Sharpie pen to add some colour accent to the scarf , distress markers will work too.I don’t recommend Alcohol based pens though, they tend to dissolve  the tissue paper leaving you with a hole where the colour should be. I know I tried.


Did you keep the inner part of the mask, sorry should have mentioned that. when you have retrieved it from the bin place it over your work


and using the iced spruce ink brush outwards from the middle of your mask so you just get a hint of colour all around the edge.


and thats it,, all you have to do now is cut around the image remembering you have just inked a colour border around your tree and place it on your candle


cover with greaseproof paper and gripping the excess at to back to hold in place


Now when you start to use the heat gun you should be able to see a change just like when using embossing powders, the colours should brighten slightly, I am not sure if you can see the difference here


If in doubt do a little at a time, just make sure that you keep the greaseproof paper nice and smooth, as any wrinkles in the paper will transfer to the softened wax, when you are wrapping and unwrapping.

I definitely recommend you have a couple of practice attempts on some old candles first with a quick stamped image just to get the hang of it as you won’t want  to ruin your masterpiece.




  1. Yvonne

    Brilliant clear tutorial.
    Thanks for entering the Challenge and Good Luck.

    • It was my first tutorial, so thank you for the positive feed back


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